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23" Wavy Clip-In Extension (1 pc) by hairdo

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Type: Heat-Friendly Synthetic Extensions
Collection: hairdo by Hair U Wear
Approx. Length: Overall Length 23
Approx. Weight: 3.25 oz
Heat Friendly: Yes
Application Time: 5 minutes
Avg. Product Life: 3 months
App. Method: Clip-In
Color Shown (Top): R29S
Contains: 1 Piece
Availability: Orders placed M-F before 12:30pm CST Ship Next Day.
Anyone can use without practice or experience
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23" Wavy Clip-In Extension (1 pc) by hairdo

23" Wavy Clip-in Extension by hairdo.� makes it easy to completely transform your hairstyle in a matter of minutes. The long soft waves have a romantic feel and are forever in style. The Tru2Life synthetic fiber moves and feels like real human hair and guarantees your waves will always stay put no matter what the weather has in store. Heat friendly fiber also means you can style the extension with heat tools up to 350 degrees. The extension has an overall length of 23 inches and the base measures 11x6.5". Seven pressure sensitive clips along the inside of the cap make attaching quick and easy. With 23" Wavy achieving long flowing waves is a snap!

Special Features:
• 1pc System- Makes attaching fast and simple and requires virtually no blending
• Pressure Sensitive Clips- Easy to operate, cause no damage, and are non-permanent
• Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair- Holds it�s style, does not respond to humidity, looks and feels like real hair. Styleable with heat tools up to 350 degrees.

Expert Tips:
To keep your synthetic hair looking fabulous it�s important to use the right care and styling products. A line such as Beauti Mark which is specially formulated for synthetic hair is a great choice
23" Wavy is ideal for hair that is at least chin length or longer
To take down shine simply use a dry shampoo
Be sure to always detangle your synthetic hair using a comb or brush that won�t damage synthetic hair
Remember! When styling heat friendly synthetic fiber use a heat tool with an adjustable setting and never exceed 350 degrees
Check out the product video for more helpful information

Gather the Necessary Tools



Practice opening and closing the clips before you begin.

With the clip side of the piece facing you, put both thumbs on each side of the clip and the index fingers at the front sides. Snap the clip open by applying pressure toward yourself with the index fingers. Similarly, close the clip by applying pressure away from yourself with the thumbs.

Separate the hair. Using a tail comb or your index fingers, part the hair horizontally from one side of the head to the other. Starting about an inch above the ears, part the hair around the back of the head just below the crown and to the other ear.

Clip up the hair above the part. Lift up all the hair above the part and clip it out of the way using duck bill clip(s).

Pin up the hair that is below the part. Take the remaining hair and secure in large pin curls so that it lays as flat to the head as possible.

Placement of the first clip. Open all the clips on the piece. The top middle clip (1) should be attached first by placing it at the middle of the back of the head just below the part so that the top of the weft is even with the part when attached. Moving the clip downward, catch your hair in the clip and snap it shut.

Placement of the second and third clips. Attach the left top clip (2) next. Hold down the center clip with your right hand, and use your left hand to move the left edge of the weft as far as it will go around your head. Snap left clip shut. Holding the middle clip with your left hand, now attach the top right clip (3) in the same fashion. Check for gaps by running your fingers along the top weft to make sure it lies flat against your head. If you find a gap, open the clip and reposition.

Placement of the remaining clips. The bottom right clip (4) is next. Pull the hair out of the way and place this clip by stretching the piece down to the bottom edge of the nape and slipping the clip into your hair, making sure the clip securely catches the hair at the end of the nape. Repeat on the left bottom clip (5). Next attach the right side clip (6) behind your ears. Finally, attach the left side clip (7).

Finishing the look. Release all the hair that was clipped out of the way with the duck-bill clip(s) and blend in with Hairdo™ Clip-in Extensions.

Removing the wefts. To remove the piece, snap open all the clips and gently lift up and away from your hair.

Never try to remove a weft without first opening all the clips. Pulling or tugging to remove a weft can result in damage to your own hair.

Cleaning Synthetic Hair
Caring for your new hair product is easy, and you should treat your new product as an investment that you want to keep looking new and fresh for as long as possible. The correct care and maintenance will allow you to continue using the product with the best results for the longest amount of time. So, use the following instructions as a gauge for determining how and when you should wash and care for your products. And, know that you can always call 1-800-581-8206 and speak to a licensed cosmetologist for answers to all your questions.

Just like your own hair, synthetic hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. However, you do not need to wash the synthetic hair everyday to keep consistent results. The fiber should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the fiber appears dull. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 4-6 wears.

Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles or teasing with your fingers or a pick comb. Do not brush. Pick the hair from the ends and work your way up.

Gently add a synthetic safe shampoo to the hair and use cool - never hot - water.

When rinsing the hair allow the water to flow from the roots to the ends (top to bottom). Do not soak the hair as this may cause matting and tangles.

Rinse thoroughly in cool water.

Dab gently with a towel to remove excess water. Do not squeeze or twist.

While still wet, spray with a leave in conditioner that is specifically formulated for synthetic hair goods.

Dry on a towel at room temperature.

Style with fingers or pick comb. Do not use a blow dryer or curling iron on synthetic hair.

With heat friendly synthetic fiber, Do not use a heating tool that exceeds 350 degrees. Keep setting between 250-275 degrees. Blow drying is not recommended.

Care Between Wear

Spray with a light mist of leave-in conditioner (specifically formulated for synthetic fiber) to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy.

Gently remove any tangles using your fingers or pick comb.

A water soluble hair spray may be used for a light hold.

Styling the Hair
Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal tools should not be used on synthetic fiber as the heat can melt the fiber.

Because the curl pattern (or lack of a curl pattern) is baked into the fiber, it is not necessary to set your synthetic hair after washing. However, if you wish, wet setting is the safest way to curl your hair.

You may want to have the hair custom cut to achieve your desired style. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CUT IT YOURSELF. Take your product to a salon professional.

Storing the Hair

It is best to store the synthetic hair in it's original container. However, you can store the hair in a plastic bag.

To keep the desired curl pattern, you may want to set the hair on rollers that conform to the curl size you wish to maintain before storing in plastic.

Do not sleep or swim while wearing the synthetic hair.

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Features & Benefits

This Do-It Yourself system, designed by Hollywood stylist Ken Paves and inspired by Jessica Simpson is a quick solution to easily and temporarily add waves, length, and volume. This is a simple 1 piece clip-in extension system will not cause damage to your own hair and can be worn over and over again. The fiber is Vibralite modacrylic, the finest quality synthetic fiber available. This synthetic fiber is not heat resistant, meaning it cannot be treated with hot tools. However, the curl pattern is baked in and will not suffer effects of humidity or rain. This system is ideal for women on-the-go and those experimenting with hair extensions for the 1st time.

Will This Work for Me?

This extension fits most comfortably when worn higher on the back of the head, as instructed in the styling guide and How-to video. Although not ideal for those with smaller head sizes it can be professionally customized to fit (the width of the base may be too wide to secure properly). Not ideal for very thin hair, as you may find it difficult to conceal the top edge of the extension. This item works best with wavy hair or hair which is curled prior to application. This piece is available in 16 mulit-tonal shades which have been created to blend with just about anyones hair color. Due to the synthetic nature of this piece it can not be color treated as it will cause irreparable damage.

Product Construction

The Vibralite modacrylic synthetic fiber is made to look like real human hair. Although not as long lasting as human hair extensions, this synthetic alternative is a perfect cost effective solution. Synthetic fiber has baked in curl pattern which means the synthetic hair will keep its curl, even in bad weather. The extension is constructed with stretch material and consists of several wavy wefts of hair sewn together to create the base. The base dimension is 11" x 6" and due to the curl pattern measures approx. 19 from the top to bottom, when the curls are pulled straight it measures approx. 23 from the top to the bottom. Due to the curl this piece will give you approx. 15 of length (from the nape). The piece is secured by 7 small pressure sensitive clips which are sewn around the perimeter of the piece. This hair extension unit is designed to cover the entire back and sides of the head (not ideal for updos). The soft waves give you great volume and are perfect for any occasion.

Pro Tips
Short Hair - For short hair, first section off the top layer of hair at the crown. Next, pin the bottom of your hair back (leaving a little hair out at the sides) and tuck it under the stretch base. Snap just below the part and your short hair will stay hidden and look naturally long.
Long Hair - If your hair is already long and you simply want to add volume or just a bit of length, you can snap in the extension without hiding your own hair. Once the piece is snapped in, release the hair pinned up at the crown to fall over the extension and viola!
Layered Hair - If you have lots of layers in your own hair, you may need a hair stylist to add a few extra layers in the extension for a more natural blend.
Fine Hair - To effectively hide the top edge of the extension, tease the top portion of your own hair before application.
Get the Right Color - Get a color ring on loan before making your color selection to ensure you get the right color.
Use the Right Care Products - It is extremely important to only use hair care products specifically designed for synthetic hair to maximize the life span and beauty of your piece.
Alternative Choices

You may have read these features and decided this piece is not for you. If so, consider a multi-piece extension system, as they have tons of versatility in how they are applied. Our most popular wavy, synthetic multi-piece hair extension systems are the 16" Synthetic Wavy by easixtend or the 16" Synthetic Wavy Hair Extensions by Put On Pieces. Some of our most popular human hair multi-piece hair extension systems are 16 Elite Remy Extensions by easixtend or the 18" Clip-In Extensions by Put On Pieces. If you want a human hair version of this piece the closest option would be the 22 Human Hair by Hairdo. If you want a shorter version of this piece try the 18 Wavy by Hairdo or the 15 Wavy by Hairdo.

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Author: Brenda
I absolutely LOVE the hair extensions I bought! I received them within days. Great Product and service.

Author: Doriam Canez
This is an awsome product! It looks absolutly natural and its easy to put on. Fast delivery too!

Author: Claudia Sanders
I couldnt find Jessicas hair extensions in a salon. I got the 23 wavy extensions online and the 22 straight hairdo extensions. I have worn these clip-in extensions several times now and they continue to look great.

Author: Toni
I ordered the 23" wavy extensions in R6 - Dark Chocolate and I LOVE it! It is a great compliment to my own hair color. I took them to my hair stylist and she trimmed them to blend better w/my hair cut. It looks great and gave me fuller hair! This is a great product and the delivery was fast!

Author: Patricia Stone
I just received my new Hairdo by Jessica Simpson, It is wonderful and it only takes a minute! I love my new HAIRDO!

Author: Sherrie
Arrived today & I LOVE it. I had no problems; the cap fit perfectly & the medium blonde is an excellent match. I made an appointment to have my highlights freshened up & my hair trimmed, but even with shaggy locks & roots galore these extensions looked fabulous. Ive used other products, but these are more realistic looking/feeling & better quality. Well worth the money. Thanks Jess & Ken, keep em coming!

Author: Jules
I just got my 23" wavy in the mail and it looks great.

Author: Jill Curtis
LOVE it! The color matches, and it looks and feels very real. I would reccomend this product.

Author: Angela
I was rather dissapointed with this product. (The service was great though, I received my shipment super fast) However, I bought this in the medium blonde-ginger blonde, and it was far to light for me. This is more of a light blonde. It also looks really unnatural. It reminds me of Barbie hair. It's also too thin, so if you have thick hair, this will look silly. Perhaps the human hair version is better? It looks much fuller in the product pictures than it really is.

Author: diane
Great product. doesn't tangle if you use a leave in conditioner for synthetic hair. for the other reviewer, jessica is wearing R25 ginger blonde.

Author: Violet
I ordered the 23" wavy extensions and they are absolutley GEORGEOUS!! I received them in a matter of days. I can't believe how natural and easy it is to apply. I really feel like a million bucks. Great quality, price and product. I ordered the 15" wavy extensions and waiting for that to come in.

Author: mandy
Could someone who has washed these please tell me how they held up and also if they went back to their original style/condition.

Author: Kim
I bought the 23" synthetic wavy hair extensions. I wear it everyday. The hair looked good for only one month. After a couple of washings, the curl completely fell out. There is no way my extension will look good for 3 months. I am not satisified with this product at all. It does not retain its shape.

Author: Erica
I really want the extensions but im not quite sure if they are worth it? I want to know if they look real and if they feel ok? i just have some many questions if its worth getting the synthetic kind because i dont have the money for the human hair extensions.. somebody PLEASE HELP ME!

Author: Sandra W
Human hair is always human hair... You cant expect syntetic hair to be like the human hair. But there are some advantages about syntetic hair, the curls will stay better in place in the rain. This product is great for rainy days! But if youre wearing the extension every day you should go for the human hair. I cant afford the human hair extension right now either, but Im saveing for it. My opinion is that in the long run its worth investing in human hair.


Author: Janice
I spend alot of money on "my hair" I only have one small complaint, the color matched but my hair is not that shiny. I am going to have to buy some shine spray. But I love the look of the hairline on the side- very unique. Thanks!

Author: jennifer
I love these hair extensions!! It makes such a difference to make hair. I hope they do come out with a longer version.

Author: Colleen
I really like the piece and it looked good, but the piece you clip to your head was way too big. I had my hairdresser try to clip on for me thinking it was me, but I just have a small head. So I really can't wear it and I wasted $100.

Author: Nagely Cabral
I just ordered the 23" wavy synthetic and I'm expecting them this Monday...Hopefully, they are as natural as they claim it to be. The color I ordered is R2 -which is black. Maybe in that color, the extensions wont look as artificial..hopefully. I'll post a comment to let u know how "real" it'll look, lol.

Author: Jessica S
I live in Australia and this particular product fetches $180 over here. So I decided to save myself some money and order one online from It arrived in just 5 working days! Incredible! And, once postage and handling was taken into account, along with conversion into Australian Dollars... I saved myself $50!

I bought this product to add volume to my hair for my wedding day that is in just 2 months time.... and now I will look fantastic :-)

I can't comment yet as to whether this product is easy to apply, as I don't want to wear it before my wedding day (apart from my hair trial) so it will look its best. But I'm sure its easy.

I'd recommend anyone who wants this product to order it from here. It was such a good experience.

Author: Emeli
I got my extensions a few days ago. LOVE IT! Dark Auburn is a perfect color for my hair and the product just melts together with my natural hair; noone has been able to see i'm wearing extensions! I will absolutely order the straight extensions by Jessica S too! :)

Author: Yasmine H.
I got my "extensions" today. i am sad to say I was very dissapointed. The color was a perfect match but the quality was poor. The hair looks fake. It was VERY obvious where my hair ended and the "extensions" began. The cap was WAY to big for my head as well... What a waste of money...

Author: Mandy Dormaier
I ordered a color ring to make sure my color was right before ordering - you HAVE to do this! If the color is off it really won't blend. I got my 23" wavy synthetic and am pleased. I found it nessecary to cut more face framing layers into it so it would blend with my hair better. If you're unsure about the way it looks, just take it to your hairstylist and have them see what they can do. I am a hairstylist and it was pretty easy for me. I had to experiment with placement of the piece when I first got it. I had to place it in at an angle so it's higher up in the back. With less of my hair over it in the back, it blended much better. For those of you who say it's too big, you don't have to put it in EXACTLY the way they say. Experiment with it. Put it up higher. I bought the shampoo, conditioner, and the hair trix comb that were recommended, and you should, too. The synthetic does tangle, but you can comb it out gently. Combing took out a lot of the wave, but I just comb it at night, mist on the leave-in conditioner spray, scrunch it a little and let it dry. The curl looks great after that. If you're wanting something to wear all day every day, don't get the synthetic. Save for the human one. I plan on taking very good care of my synthetic one, and am only going to wear in once or twice a week or less. I am also going to save up for the human one, so I'll let ya know what I think on that.

Author: Tina Smith
I truly LOVE my extensions (the lady that does my hair calls it a "wiglet"). It does tangle easily but I have never purchased a leave in conditioner like the directions recommend so I realy can't complain about that. I use a spray gel after I wash it, scrunch it like crazy and let it air dry. It looks better after I wash it than it did when I first got it. I will be buying the real human hair extensions very soon.

Author: Carmen Powell
This is the mos fun I have ever had with my hair. It took a few tries to get the extensions exactly how Iwanted them, but I got and thy look fabulous!! I love this product!!!I will buy more!!

Author: Gialynn
I am a real customer and I ordered 2 sets of these hair-do extensions, a wavy one and a straight one. These things are TOTALLY AWESOME!! I LOOOOVE how my hair looks after i put on the straight extension. I have thin hair from over excessively dying since i was younger and these help and make me look soooo gooood! My co-workers commented on me the day that I wore it to work and ABSOLUTELY NOBODY NOTICED!!! I will definitely buy MORE! The price is affordable for looking fabulous. hehe...

Author: marie
I strongly advise anyone who is interested in purchasing any extensions to order the color ring first. the colors shown at the top are completly different than the actual color ring.

Author: Mary
i have just ordered these today in the R10..ive seen them on a few girls i know and i liked them alot! i hope they look beautiful with my grandaughters hair!

Author: krysta
i bought these a couple days ago and they came in the mail yesterday. i am very very dissappointed, i spent a lot of money on these and they dont match my hair color or its thickness. it feels really strange after i put it on and looks absolutely horrific. i even took it to my hairdresser to have her help me put them in better. even she said that they looked really bad and she isnt going to recommened them to anyone.

Author: Heather Dunham
I received this product very fast which was nice, and while it's easy to put in, I'm not overall super pleased with it.

I would NOT recommend it to people with slightly thinner hair, because no matter how much of my own hair I leave on top of it, it still shows the back of the hair piece a little. It seems very thick on your head, and if my hair moves out of the way even a little, it's visible that I am wearing extentions. Plus, it feels and looks like Barbie hair, and strands of hair fall out of it fairly easy.

Author: Heidi Anderson
IF YOU HAVE THIN OR FINE HAIR DON'T BUY THESE!!! This is the best advice I can give anyone. I got them my hair is thin, they looked ridiculous! My niece who had shoulder length thick, thick hair put them on and they looked amazing!! IF YOU HAVE THIN FINE HAIR THESE ARE NOT FOR YOU!!

Author: Judith Peterson
Fantastic piece! First time buying extensions, my friends thought they looked very realistic... will be buying the straight extensions!

Author: Jennifer Evans
I just got my 23" Wavy, and I LOVE THEM. I have very thin fine hair, and the extensions worked great for me. Not sure why it didn't work for other people with thin hair. I previously spent around $1,000 on human hair extensions and I have had several people tell me that the Jessica Simpson HairDo looks better! I will be purchasing some of the other styles.

Author: nicole norman
I've tried many different extensions, so i am able to compare these to others. These aren't wavy, they are almost a spiral curl which I found hard to match with my hair. They don't blend very well with thick hair.

Author: Penelope R.
I absolutely love my new Hairdo! My hair doesn't hold a curl very long so I loved being able to actually have curly hair for a change. I just had to put a slight wave through the crown and it blended perfectly! I can't wait to try the new layered one!!!!

Author: Brook Huneycutt
I just chopped my hair long, blonde off and dyed it darker 2 weeks ago. It's too short for me but I love the color. I read about the JS hairdo for a couple of hours so I went to a local salon and matched my color (chesnut) and bought the 23" wavy synthetic. I absolutely love!! I emailed an unexpected pic to my b/f and he was in shock - the good kind of shock. :) I will be buying the short, straight one momentarily. PS - this site is the most inexpensive and best deal!! mine was $100 in Ulta.

Author: Jessica
i order this product and it came in very wuickly great service.. however i have very short layers around my crown area that covers up the piece and this piece was WAY too long! my hiar went form being very short at the crown to super long down my back! but over all i liked the product i think that i would either needs the shorter version or to have my hairdresser cut the peice to blend with my hair. i think i am going to try a two piece system from POP and see how that works! i think if you have short hair or short layers at the crown that you need more graduation with the piece. i think that the two piece or maybe even cutting this piece might have worked. don't know but has been very helpful and i will def be buying my other extensions from here!

Author: rachel tarrington
This site has the best price for this extension. Mine came very fast, faster than i anticipated. I've had mine for about 2 months now and I'm about to purchase my second one. Considering I blow $80.00 on a night out and have nothing to show for it, I don't mind spending $80.00 on something I can wear for 2 months. This doesn't even compare to the dreadful hair at CVS.

Author: Brenda Newlin
They ARE great looking aand very natural as well as comfortable, but I agree, after 2 washings, they really look and feel matted up. I know we should go with the human hair, but its too expensive! And for 100.00, these should last longer than CVS's does!

Author: Judith Peterson
Beautiful extension. i wore them to a party with rave reviews. The color matched perfectly,and even in photos, I can't tell which is my real hair and which is the extensions. Highly recommended.

Author: Michelle Basinski
I was given the 23 inch wavy hair extensions for Christmas from my dad. I didn't know which color to get so a pro matched my hair over the phone. I thought they were very helpful but they didn't have a close enough match for my hair but I didn't complain so I went with the darker choice.

Author: Christine
it's pretty overall. The cap is a little large, but I can manage with it. My biggest disapointment was that this peice was more than 2 inches shorter than it claimed to be. My natural hair was longer. And since I had to open it to measure it, now I guess I just wasted my money. So much for having something extra in my hair for my wedding. If it had actually been 23 inches long (and yes I pulled it straight to measure), I might have not been so disapointed. I won't be buying anymore or recommending this product.

Author: Amanda C.
I finnay bought the 23'' hairdo synthetic hair extensions and it is the best. It is so long and i have a relaxer and it matched with it great and my hair was not curled. It is a great product get the leave in conditioner to. I got midnight brown its the perfect color. If youcant by the color ring like me try going to Trade Secret they sell hairdo and you can match your hair for free. Thank Jessica and Ken.

Author: Niamh Dempsey
Does anybody have an idea what color the brunette is wearing beside jessica above in the 23" synthetic photo?its the perfect color fro me.Im not sure whether to go with r6/30h chocolate copper or r10 chesnut..Some body please help im not from u.s so im not going to get the color ring.

thanks! x

Author: Christie McDonald
DIVINE!! I have the 15" curly, the 18" curly and the 23" curly....every girl needs at least one of these....

Author: Jenni
I ordered the 23" wavy extentions less than a week after I recieved my 22" straight ones. My hair is almost as long as the straight ones and doesn't have the natural wavy these do. At first I was worried I wouldn't be able to make this piece work, but it was easy. I just have to curl my regular hair first. So it's a little more work than the straight ones. I really want to get one of the short wavy ones, but I don't have layers in my hair. I am actually considering getting some just for that hairpiece. I have had human extentions before & the only thing that I don't like about synthetic is they tangle more and you can't use heat on them. For me it's still worth it to save the money. LOVE THESE-TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY :)

Author: Toronto
I just received my hairdo and I am so happy that i ordered it! It looks soooo real... I am a med light to dark brown and I ordered the R6 Choc. Brown and it was a perfect match! the syn. hair does not even look syn.!!! Now this piece adds volume to your hair DOES NOT add length. B/c it sits high in your head dont get confused about the 23'... i currently have long hair (past the piece) so I curled my existing hair and then left it down, then added the piece and this is amazing!!!!! I luv this and the one piece idea, instead of indivi. pieces!!! An investment piece :)
Now some have said that the syn. curls fall out after a couple times but who cares after that then I can use it when I straighten my hair and still have awesome volume!!!! Luv it Jess from Toronto Canada

Author: Erica
I ordered these Mon. night and got them Thurs. morning. Wow, is all I have to say. I have very short, straight hair. I took these to a salon where they were cut to blend with my hair. She also brushed out the curls so they're now soft waves. Amazing! Very natural looking and feeling. Here are before/after pictures to give you an idea what you can expect.

Author: Kelly H.
Hey ladies! im about to order the 23'' wavy in R2, which is the lightest color. My hair is super blonde!! Does anyone own the R2 Swedish blonde color. and if so how natural does that color look bc in the picture it almost looks gray!

Author: Felisha Tate

Author: Carol
I just received my hairdo color R25 (the one Jessica is wearing on the pic). I love the texture, unfortunately the color is not as shown in the "color availability" it is much lighter (light blonde). I have strawberry blonde hair and was thinking to get the R29S (glazed strawberry red blonde) but am afraid it is too red for me. Does somebody tell me how the R29S looks like? Thanks girls.

Author: Diana
I love my new Wavy HairDo! Thank goodness for the synth. version (the human hair is over $400! Ugh, too much for me!), I only had to pay about $81 with my account discount and not including the shipping and tax!
The texture is so soft right now, but I know from previous flings with hair pieces that if synthetic hair isn't appropriately conditioned and taken care of, they will get, well, ratty - FAST. So, I will definetly be buying some shampoo and conditoner to take care of my new HairDo. But, the package told me not o brush the hair, so I will have to keep it in good shape without running a comb or brush through it.
Otherwise, the product seems great and since i have jet black hair, the color was spot-on. If the HairDo proves to have a long life-span over time (hopefully 3-4 mo.), I will coming back to buy the straight hair version!

Author: Kara
I love these. I bought easiXtend brand as well and I like this a lot better! I have thick hair so I just pin it up with clips and then let the fake hair fall over. It's so pretty. No one knew it was fake, even my brother and boyfriend who normally tell me I'm dumb for trying out all these crazy things! So that means it's really undetectable! I also notice it makes guys heads turn more HA

Author: Natalie Wheeler
I really love this product! It is so undetectable. I have had mine for about 1 week now and I wear it everyday! My only problem is it gets tangled so easily. Can ANYONE please give me tips on how to help with that. Thanks!

Author: amy f
i recently purchased this product at a salon so that i could see the color and product for myself rather than having to guess.. i just had my hair dyed to my usual color and suprisingly the sandy blonde was an exact match! i have shoulder length hair with shorter layers, but these extensions blend right it. the waves are amazing, its sexy without the work. they are gorgeous and i would highly recommend this product to anyone!

Author: Lola Kensinton
Gets gross within a month..curls get matted together. Go with human hair

Author: Kelly
i just bought the R22 swedish blonde/platinum extensions and am just now reading the reviews...i wouldnt consider myself medium blonde, but i wouldnt consider jessica simpsons hair color medium blonde either! everyone keeps saying how light medium blonde is though...any thoughts if i made a mistake and that R22 is going to be white?

Author: Irene Alexeeva, Moscow Russia
I've got mine a couple of days ago and they are GORGEOUS!!! Even without the color ring I guessed the Swedish Blonde right... With my dark roots they still look awesome. Will be using these for my wedding day in Cyprus in May! My friends can't see where the extension and where my own hair is! If you want a photo email me at irenealexeeva(@)

Author: Myah Inskeep
I purchased this length in the Brown walnut shade. My hair is naturally dark blond so I took it to the salon so they could match my hair color to the extensions. I really like the look I can have with this hairpiece and my boyfriend does too, lol. My hair is just past my shoulders and very straight so when I curl it, it goes above my shoulders. I hated the way it looked so thats why I got this extension. It will have to do until my hair grows long enough to where I wont need an extension. Heres some links to my before and after pix.....

First pic was taken 4 months ago so my hair is just a little longer now.

The after pic. I still need to go a shade darker but i still like it.

Author: Anne S
I want to buy the 22" relaxed curl extension but i really don't know which color to get, and since i live in europe having the color ring shipped over is just too expensive, and so is ordering the wrong color and having to return it. So, if anyone has the extensions in any of the blonde colors, could you pleeease post a picture? Especially if you have the HONEY GINGER one cause in some pictures that one looks perfect, but it's like the color vary alot from pic to pic. Also if you have GOLDEN WHEAT or BUTTERED TOAST or GINGER BLONDE or SANDY BLONDE. If you don't want your face on the internet you can always paint over it or send it to my e-mail, but i'd really appreciate if someone would help me out:) Thanks!

Author: Megan Field
I LOVE These extentions the curl stays and they blend so well with my hair they are worth the money

Author: Kim
Order cam very fast. Felt great and looked great for only about a week. Even though following directions and using rollers, storage and a synthetic cleanser and condition. The curl is fading, it's starting to get fuzzy and it is so very dry I do not like to wear it at all. It has only been a month now.. There is no way these last 3 months.

Author: Lisa D
Love my extensions...i have thick hair to my shoulders and the peice matched perfect..i pinned up the back of my hair like it says and you cant tell its not real! i ordered the 22' straight ones and cant wait for them..i have paid over $1000 for greatlegths and this is just as great! for less money! and you can take them out..i washed my extensions about 3 times already and they still look great! so for anyone thats hesitant don't be!

Author: Janice Solem

Author: Cyrena Grasmick
I am thinking about getting the 23" wavy, my hair is pretty fine and i tease it a lot. Will the extension show through fine hair? And does it add volume?

Author: Janine
I found it does add volume and it's pretty amazing but if you have very fine hair it WILL show through. trust me my friend tried mine on and it looked terrible. I don't have fine hair though and i loved it. so if its really thin it may show through just a warning.

Author: Ana Brache
This just came in for me and I love it! I have pretty thick hair and it blends perfectly. I had gotten this as a test to see if I would invest in the real hair and now i'm hooked!

Author: Lauren Crosen
what color is the brunette wearing in the picture?

Author: Amber Stroud
I have not yet received my extensions but am not having any luck with th ecustomer service....everyone talked about how quick it came in so I called and they tell me it's on backorder...then they tell me they will pay to have it overnighted and they gets shipped with regular of right now I AM NOT A SATIFIED CUSTOMER AND WILL NOT EVER RECCOMEND THIS SITE TO ANYONE ELSE!!!!!!!

Author: Paige Mitchell
hey guys..i'm planning on buying this extention but i was wondering if maybe anyone who already has it could tell me if it's possible to put your hair in a ponytail while wearing it? Although it doesn't matter too much, it would help soo much for work. thanks!

Author: Francine Humphries
This was the first extension that I bought on here a few months back and it is beautiful! I ordered the R29S Glazed Strawberry/Red Blonde. I just wish that it had more Red in it it has a little red like it says Red Blonde but I do love these extensions and I love this site and Hairtalk TV with Jennifer. This is truly a pretty piece....I wish it was also in R3025S Glazed Cinnamon which is a Medium Red. I still love it and I remember the shipping was fast. I just love this site!!!!!!!!

Author: "XxxX

Author: "XxxX

Author: Mardzhona Odinaeva
I just recieved mine and I loveeeee it, I just need to learn how to do my top section hair LOL. Thank you

Author: yanires vazquez
ok i just got my extension and i have to admit, it looks like barbie hair and its really shiny. But other than that, i feel good about them. i only plan on wearing mines to go out on weekends the shine really makes them look fake so i wont be wearing them in the day time. idk how i will feel about them later but for now i feel ok about my $80 investment.

Author: Sara D
I am absolutely obsessed with these. I have always wanted extensions because my hair is what I call baby hair, thin, fine and a set short length no matter what I do. I have wanted extensions since high school but have been warned by many stylists of the severe damage it would do to my fragile hair.

I bought the color wheel first because my hair is light blonde with many different shades, high and low lights. I was able to match my hair color PERFECTLY. My friends are all astonished they are extensions- let alone clip in ones! The only reason they knew was because they know how short my hair is. I get so many compliments and girls asking me where they can get them because they look so real. I feel confident and sexy when I wear them out on the town, and I definitely get more attention from the opposite sex as well. They are so fast and easy, I can look like I spent hours curling my hair when it only took me five minutes to clip them in!

They are a little shinier than my natural hair, but they blend well and still look great. The cap is too big but if you play with it you can get it positioned on your head so it isn't noticeable at all (patience people!!). They do tangle easily but if you take care of them like the instructions say, store them right, use leave in conditioner, and comb them with the specified comb they will last you a long time! I've had mine over a year and wear them 2-3 times a week and they still look fabulous. I just ordered human hair ones because I loved my synthetic so much and want to wear them more and be able to style them! I already have a wishlist full of hairdo extensions that I cannot wait till I can afford (currently on a college student budget). A great investment, I HIGHLY recommend them to any woman who is stuck with thin, short hair and has longed for those thick, long, celebrity locks! You don't have to be born with perfect hair anymore to look absolutely fabulous- a solution is here, take full advantage, I sure am! :)

Author: Beth
I haven't received my hair yet, but I was reading reviews and some people were was saying it was a waste of money. I called and asked about the return policy and they said you can return it even if it's taken out of the package. You just need the original packaging. So if you really think you wasted 70+ bucks.... Return it...

Author: Michelle Hill
I bought these for my daughter for prom and she looked amazing. She loved the extensions so much and way very happy with how she looked.

Author: Island Girl
I received the Hairdo extensions today and I am absolutely enjoying them! I am currently growing out my hair and the extensions give me the styling options I want without the wait! Thank you! I will definitely order more!

Author: Sophie Barnett
OMG im in love with these extensions!! it says the average product life is 3 months but I've had these for three years and there in excellent condition! all you have to do is wash them once a week to keep them looking fresh! i recently ordered the straight ones too! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Author: kristin joslin
i love mine but have a few things to say i have only had mine a week for to and my clip are falling out and my end of mind look like crap but beside that i love them fun to have

Author: Shannah
I LOVE IT! I just got it today in R33 and it blends great with my two toned light auburn and dark brown natural hair. I am going to wear it tonight as a matter of fact! I hope it remains in this good of a condition for the promised three months. Also, great and fast service. I recommend this to everyone!

Author: candice sacco
I've owned this piece in the past and must say it is very easy to apply and no one knew it wasn't my hair...very satisfied!

Author: Robin
This product looks great for about one week. Then the hair tangles, knots and is really not easily brushed. It really doesn't compare to the feel or quality of the easihair products I also use.

Author: Miss Erin
Ok Ladies, there are a ton of reviews for this wavy extension some good some not but I can honestly say I'm not that impressed with this piece. It's an expensive piece, and I had higher expectations. The clips don't close like they should and I found I had to really mess around with them in order to 'snap' them shut. It's not as full as the photos above and it's definitely not as long as shown, major disappointment!! I've applied the piece as instructed in the video but my extension is nowhere as long as shown on Jess, the blonde or the brunette. If I pull all my hair forward, it falls nicely below my collar bone but doesn't cascade down past my cleavage like the brunette. I've lucked out with the color selection and find that the piece matches my own perfectly, although R1416T-Burnt Toast is much much lighter out of the box then shown above so caution when making your color selection. This piece is pretty but for the $$$ I don't recommend it. Sorry Jess xo

Author: Lori
I have worn this product since it first came out several years ago. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product. I just clip it in and go. I get compliments on my hair every single day. Quality is excellent, and have never ever had this product come out while wearing. I have also travelled across country with this for 2 years. With the longer length, it makes me look 10 years younger. PLEASE continue, Ken, with your unbelievable innovations in the beauty world. I feel grateful that people like you exist to help the rest of us not born with a lot of hair.

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