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16" easiLites Human Hair Clip In Color (1 pc) by easihair

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SKU:  JR320A
Type: Human Hair Clip-In Color
Collection: easihair by Jon Renau
Approx. Length: 1pc - 16" weft
Approx. Weight: 0.10 oz
Heat Friendly: Yes
Application Time: 1 minute
Avg. Product Life: exceeds 1 year
App. Method: Clip-In
Color Shown (Top): Pink, Red, 134
Contains: 1 Piece
Availability: Usually takes 2 business days to process before shipping.
Anyone can use without practice or experience
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16" easiLites Human Hair Clip In Color (1 pc) by easihair

Introducing easilites...Our newest collection of clip-in highlights and lowlights. easilites are produced with protein rich 100% human hair and are available in 11 colors. These pieces may be professionally colored and/or highlighted as well as curled, permed or flat-ironed. Kit includes 1 16" highlight.

Please Note: The human Hair has been previously treated and chemically processed. It is not recommended to lighten or lift color from this hair. If you must color the human hair, we recommend purchasing a lighter color and using semi-permanent color to deposit only.

These simple highlights make great hair accents for cheerleading squads, sports fans, and other special occasion events!
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Gather the Necessary Tools

Rat Tail Comb

Duck Clips

Step 1: Part Your Hair

Create a part where you wish to add the color highlight and clip your hair out of the way.

Step 2: Practice Opening the Clip

With the clip side of the piece facing you, put both thumbs on each side of the clip and the index fingers at the front side of the piece. Snap the clip open by applying pressure toward yourself with the index fingers. Similarly, close the clip by applying pressure away from yourself with the thumbs.

Step 3: Slide in the Clip

Place the clip on your own hair just below the part. Moving the clip upward, catch your own hair in the clip and snap it shut. The easilites have been designed with the clip sew with the open side facing up, so that the clip can be slid in and slid out with ease. This makes attachment to your own hair or a wig easy, without risk of snags.

Step 4: Style Your Hair

Since the easilites are made of 100% Human Hair, they can be flat-ironed and curled with heat.

Be creative... add contrasting color, create chunked blends and explore your wild side!

Cleaning the Human Hair
Caring for your new hair product is easy, and you should treat your new product as an investment that you want to keep looking new and fresh for as long as possible. The correct care and maintenance will allow you to continue using the product with the best results for the longest amount of time. So, use the following instructions as a gauge for determining how and when you should wash and care for your products. And, know that you can always call 1-800-581-8206 and speak to a licensed cosmetologist for answers to all your questions.

Just like your own hair, human hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. However, you do not need to wash the hair everyday to keep consistent results. The hair should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the hair appears dull or acquires an odor. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 3-4 wearings.

Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles. If hair is excessively tangled, a spray on conditioner should be used.

Always use a mild shampoo or one specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.

Run the hair under warm water and after placing a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, gently work the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards from the weft base to the ends. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair. Use the shampoo sparingly.

When clean, rinse thoroughly under warm running water until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed, as improper rinsing could result in damage.

Just like your own hair, human hair extensions need to be conditioned after shampooing to maintain a healthy shine and promote styling ease.

Place a small amount of conditioner in your hand. Gently work into the hair and let sit for three to five minutes.

Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

Gently towel blot to remove excess water.

After you have finished washing and towel blotting (drying) the hair, spray the hair with a leave-in conditioner before beginning to comb the hair. Starting at the ends, grasp the hair above the area you are combing and hold the hair firmly while moving a large toothed comb down from your grip towards the ends. When you have combed out all the tangles from the hair you are holding, release your grip and grab the hair closer to the top. Continue to comb the hair below your grip. Continue this method until all the hair is tangle-free. The key is to treat your hair as if it is on the head of a "Tender-Headed" person. By doing this, you create the least amount of tension that may result in hair breaking or pulling from the weft.

While wet, gently comb the hair to remove tangles. Using a large toothed comb, move in a downward motion away from the clips and to the ends. Do not use a bristle brush on wet hair as it may pull out or break the hair.

Hang to air dry, set in rollers, or use a blow dryer on a low setting, as desired.

If the hair is excessively dry, a "professional" conditioner may be necessary. Consult your stylist about this.

Styling the Hair

Steam rollers and/or wet setting are the safest way to curl your human hair.

Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal tools may be used on low settings. Remember, the hair may scorch if the setting is too high.

If you choose to use electric rollers, always make sure that the ends are wrapped into the rollers to avoid "fishhooks".

For cutting, or any chemical processes such as perming or coloring, take the extensions to a professional stylist.

Unlike your hair, this hair does not grow back if you cut it. So, remember to always take your new hair to a salon professional if you need it customized. This will give you the best results!

Storing the Hair

It is best to store the human hair in it's original container. However, you can store the hair in a plastic bag.

To keep the desired curl pattern, you may want to set the hair on rollers that conform to the curl size you wish to maintain before storing in plastic.

Do not sleep or swim while wearing the human hair.

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Customer Reviews :: Login to Rate & Review Products

Author: Angela
I have the 16" easixtend 8 pc. pro. set & I purchased these to add some color in the back. They are great! They look real just like the set I bought them to go with. I had bond extentions for 1 year and wish i would have purchased these 2 sets ( pro. set & the easilites) then instead.

Author: Maria
Easy, easy, easy! These extensions are amazing, it took not even a minute to clip it in! Great product and fun colors.

Author: Angelina
This is my second order from you guys, I loved them so much I bought another pair.

Author: Julie Gorectke
I wore four of these out on New years and found one on the floor before midnight, one hanging out of my hair. The clips do not stay as tight as I would like them to!!

Author: sally nem

Author: brittney mccaffety
I just got the 16" easilites, 613 white choc. style 320A. i was dissapointed, they were not the color that the color availabilty said they were, they are yellow if i wanted yellow, i could have highlighted my hair myself. you guys should fix the color samples, you are misleading people.

Author: Liz
I love the extensions, I got some in lavender and golden blonde with a hint of red. The only downfall to the extensions is that the clip is upside down.

Author: Charlene Betancourt
Actuallt i have a question, maybe someone can help me. Is it just me or does the color strawberry blonde (27) look like it has some strands of gray in it? I was intrested in it until my mom pointed it out! i really want something like that color a light brown. Suggestions?

Author: Christina Smith
I just got this hair piece today & it's not a big hairpiece like they make it look on here. That's miss leading to me.

Author: Caitlin Rouleau
I love them. I bought the color Pink. The color isn't a hott pink as it is in the main picture, but I love it anyway. I only ordered one to try it out. Everyone thinks it looks really good. It's just something different. I placed an order for much more and can't wait to get them! In the pink color, there are a couple of strands of black but you can't notice them unless you're looking at them up close. It's easy to put in, like 2 seconds. People even think that I just died a piece of my hair that color! It's also very cheap. I once got a few strands of yellow and purple in my hair in a salon (they were glued onto my hair) and it came to $60! for four strands that were not even half the size of half of the ones i recieved. Plus, I can take these out whenever I want. Long review, but I wanted to talk the time out and reccomend them.

Author: Amanda Soriano
These are the best! I have dark brown hair and always wanted to do something crazy but that would mean I would have to bleach out my hair to do the pink and white chocolate. They are easy to put in and if you put them in right they will stay when I wore them to a 6 hour concert and got a ton of compliments! And I just ordered more today!!

Author: Gina
These are fab! So easy to use and style. I work in a conservative financial office and wore the Red lites to work. Everyone complimented me and couldnt believe they were clip ins! I will be ordering more in other colors. This is a fun commiment free way to change your look in no time. Hair is good quality for the money, the color is true and bright and clips stay secure so long as u clip them in right. All my friends love it and are ordering sets of their own.

Author: Lina
I bought a few of these extensions and let me tell you, they are so fun! They add that little bit of funk to your hair without having to pay alot at the salon to get them glued in.

Author: Diana
I ordered the pink. The color was a little off, and the extensions were very curly. The clips slide down my (fine) hair and become visible. Good for Halloween.

Author: Suzie Shaw
These are great. I have very fine hair and was worried about them staying in. They stay in wonderfully!! I have black/brown hair and ordered the white chocolate, everyone thought I'd bleached the pieces. I love that I can where them straight or curl them also!! Fun, easy product to use. I would recommend them.

Author: efcarlton
I was thinking of buying some of these in black, but was curious as to how many I should buy..
After I read the post from Christina Smith I started to wonder how many it would take to cover the full second layer of my hair..about 13''
And suggestions?

Author: Jenny
I'm terrible at styling my own hair and even I could put these in. They are very cute-- definitely a very thin slice of hair so get at least 2-3 if you know which color you want. SO much fun and no damage to your hair- great for brunettes.

Author: Christie McDonald
fun, looks cute and cool, easy to put in and take out....great....

Author: teresa
Well, i was a bit surprised when i opened my packages. They are MUCH smaller than i thought. Yes they are 16" in length but the width is less than one inch. They fail to tell us that. Hence, if you plan on covering an entire second layer like "efcarlton's" review below, then you really need to calculate just how heavy you want the color to appear and measure your head according to 1/2 inch width per strip. As for me, I wanted to add a little spunk so instead of 1 red and 1 pink, i should have ordered 2 or 3 of each color. 1 strip virtually disappeared in my thick long hair. With more of each color, i could put them close together for stand out effect or 1 on each side of my head and one in the center of the back of my head for blending effect. If you want the effect of the model with pink, you really need to buy up to 10 of them. But keep in mind that the blond model has VERY THIN hair. As for the color, I agree with "brittney" below. The pink is more like the pic of the blond model and not like the swatch. As for my red, it is just like the the swatch. I am here today to order 2 more red and will add 3 black and 1 more pink and also to give future buyers an idea of what to expect.. Had I known how small they were, I could have saved on my shipping. As for the actual hair clip, easy on, easy off and the hair feels soft and is very shiny. Overall, the hair itself is very nice, I guess the width of the clip is what turned me off. So I rated this item "very good". Its the description that was "poor."

Author: Jessica
How do you purchase this product? I cant seem to find the buy button or add to cart button o_o

Author: Jen
same comment as jessica... where's the buy/ add to cart button?

Author: Emily
This product is HORRIBLE. I received them & they're not that big! THEN the clips were sewn in upside down which made them unusable.
I don't recommend them AT ALL.

Author: Christen
When I received this product I flat ironed them, clipped them in and (being a barber) cut it to my chin lenght hair. When my husband came home he told me how cute I looked after coloring my hair. I have them in blackberry and just ordered blond today. I love this product...wish it had been my idea.

Author: KarMa
i ABSOULTELY LOVE this product! They are so easy to use and are great. Everyone loves them in my hair. You get the color you want without the hassle and price of a salon. I have the blue and raspberry, and theyre great because i can take them out for work. I completly reccomend this to anyone and everyone. But bear in mind the color shown is not always what the actual extensions look like. They are sometimes less vibrant.

Author: Lu
i purchased this item in the pink(8 pieces) & lav(8 pieces) for my 15 yr old niece... its small int wieth and the color is not as birght as shown but it looks good. it took a little bit to figure to clip in but now that she's figured it out she just loves it!! because of how the hair is... looks real on, like she had her hair done at the salon. if she asked for more i would def buy more for her.... good price!

Author: Caroline
Great product! I bought the Strawberry Blonde color which matches perfectly my hair and makes my hair thicker in a natural way. I would recommend to buy at least 8 pieces.

Author: sasha.
how come it doesnt say how wide
one of them are ?
can somebody tell me how wide they are ?

Author: Kara
These are awesome! I bought 3 in the persimmon color. I dye my hair "soft black" according to the box and these look awesome in it! although, i do have thick a little below the shoulder length hair so I ordered 5 more so I can blend it and look super hot! these things are awesome! i want them all!

Author: Lori
I just got the 16" easilites, 613 white choc (8 pieces) and they are soooo soft and curly, but Emily is right though, they are sewn upside down, but still usable, same concept just reversed. I have been wearing them since I got them and people say looks very cute!! You can't even tell I'm wearing extensions. Love my extensions!!! Very Awesome!

Author: TRACI
I jsut received this product , one package alone comes with a little strand, that is terrible. the girl in the picture must have used at least 20-30, lcip ons for it, donot buy this product unless you buy like 20 of them, i could not beleive this, what a waste.. u think they would come with a couple . but no, jsut one, so i ordered two thinking i would get alot more, u can put a strand on each side and well that's it!! My advice do it yourself...with a semi-perm color... Worse part is i wasted 22.00 on this and can't even retrun it..Ouch!! RIP OFFFFFFF.

Author: Shannon Walsh

Author: Ale
They do show you how wide they are, if you look at the fourth picture down, it says they are 3/4".

Author: Andrea Jones
I think what people need to do is start READING everything that's written. It says that the width of the clip is 3/4 of an inch. It says that each order includes ONE PIECE... You pay $9 and they last for over a year!! They are just made to add fun color to your hair. I have super thick, super curly LONG hair and I have had no problem with these clip ins. I would recommend for people who have fine straight hair and worry about them slipping out, to slightly tease the hair close to your head where you are going to attach the clip. Upside down clips are the only downside. I have larger clip ins in black and the clips are right side up and DO stay in better...

Author: Jill C.
Great video clip!

Author: Nancy Perreault
I haven't tried these extensions yet, but plan too soon. They look very interesting! My hair is almost black, so I think I would like to try the blackberry, persimmon and the white chocolate. Can't wait!

I did want to mention that I think the belief that the combs are sewn in incorrectly is not true. If you read the continuing instructions above for step 3, it clearly states that the combs have been designed the way they are PURPOSELY for easy application of the extension and easy removal.

Author: Heather Herbert
I have read alot of reviews...most are great....
Can someone tell me what they are talking about with the clip "UPSIDE DOWN" ....Also, My hair is fine, has anyone had a problem
I have 2 dozen in my cart LOL

Author: Hotpink
Hey, I was wondering if anyone could tell me, how light the "white chocolate" high lights are. If it's like platnuim blonde or not. I read that someone said that it's yellow. And I would like to know before i purchase it =]

Author: michelle newville
awsome way to add fun colors!!!

Author: Teri Geston
I just purchased these (4 in honey glaze) and am very disapointed. With the clip going up instead of down they do not hold very well (my hair is medium and curly and they still would not stay in). I know this from experience because I have purchase another type VERY much like these and have NO PROBLEM keeping them in. I just spend 30 min trying to get one clip to say in. It looks like I will be having to take these apart and flip the clip in order to get them to say in. HEY MANUFACTURER...YOU HAVE GOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE "WRONG WAY CLIP"

Author: Savannah Sands
These clip in's are terrible! They won't stay in AT ALL!! This is the 1st time I have ordered any hair extensions, and I don't know if the clip is up or down..the clip on mine that cam is with the teeth pointing up. I can tell you with the clip the way it is, they do not work at all. My Mom, sister, and I both tried everyway possible and it just slides out! Not worth a dime!!! Don't waste your money!!

Author: Heidi
I love these. I have long dark hair and bought the fudge colored clip ins. I was worried after reading some of the comments about the ocmb being upside down on the hair. I think people think it is supposed to go in your hair like a hair comb. Not the case. You have to clip them up with the combs facing up and you must attach it to just a very small amount of hair. I knew that for only $8 it was going to be a small amount of hair. It is real hair though! WHat are you expecting??? I generally end up just putting my hair in a ponytail, I am not great with styling my tresses. But these were so easy and quick to put in. I didn't use any special combs or anything. I just wanted some extra depth on the side I sleep on (you know how one side of your head has thinner hair because you sleep on that side?) and it did the trick. Easy to take out to. I straightened mine with a flatiron as they came wavey. DIdn't seem to hurt them either. LOVE EM!

Author: Melissa
I really like these extensions and have them in several colors. I like that they are human hair and can be styled with my heat tools unlike the synthetic extensions I have. I wish the clip was sewn on in the other direction and I may end up repairing that myself, but they actually stay in better than I expected with the clip attached in the upward position.

Author: Lexus Weekley
These are awesome! The look very real in your hair and clip in easily. I found no problems with the clip. I ordered four, two pink, one blue and one purple. They all match up to the colors on here. Perfect gifts for someone who loves to show off some creativity!

Author: Pamela Duncan
I have gotten these as well as other brands for some 'color' additions. I actually find these to be the ones I like the best. It says, if you read the description, that you are getting one piece for the price and its 16 inches long and 3/4 inches wide. The others are more expensive but come with either several pieces or one long piece that goes all around your head at the same level. I found these better to work with as you can put them in exactly at the level you want them - which is good if you part your hair anywhere but in the middle. I ordered 5 and that was just enough to place one in the back and two on each side and give me just enough added color without making it look like the primary color. These are also a bit thicker then the other brand products so one gives a bit more coverage even if the width is only 3/4 inch. The 'upside down' clip people are complaining about may or may not be a manufacturing issue, but I put the pieces in with the clip in the right direction which made the hair fall down over the clip which helped to add volume and spread the color better through the area, so I am not sure if its a mistake or not..

Author: odaliz orozco

Author: ooooohhhhaaaahhhh
i just ordered them on line excited to see them in my hair!!!!

Author: Amanda
I love my extension!!!! The only down fall is that I have to put it soooo super close to the surface.

Author: lisa kotter
You need to offer these in 18 & 22in lengths. I bought the purple one & ended up letting my daughter have it.

Author: Jareena Silva
They are easy to use, but after one wash most of the dye washed out.... :( Sad.

Author: sassy
I got white chocolate and grape jelly/lavender. The grape jelly/lavender is actually more like pink, and the clips were upside down!
The white chocolate ones work though and everything is great! I really like them.

Author: Tracy Zhagui
Hi I wanna well buy something with money not credit card I hope you understand:)

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