Do you sell human hair or synthetic hair?

The answer is both! HairExtensions.com provides both human hair and synthetic hair from top brands like: easihair, Bellami, Hairdo, Raquel Welch, Hair2wear | Christie Brinkley Collection, Dancing with the Stars, POP, WigPro, Look of Love, Revlon and Vivica Fox.  Shop All Synthetic Hair Extensions | Human Hair Extensions


What is the application method for the hair extensions you carry?

All of our hair extensions come as clip-ins to make it easier for application. Some of our brands include: easihair, HairDo, Christie Brinkley, Revlon, Forever Young, and Illusions.


What are the differences between human hair and synthetic hair?

Human hair offers the most natural look and feel, as well as the styling versatility of natural hair. Typically more expensive, with proper care, human hair can last over a year. Synthetic hair tends to be a more affordable choice and offers great ease of wear often right out of the box with little or no styling. Heat friendly synthetic hair is made from synthetic fibers that are able to resist the heat from styling tools to give you almost the same styling versatility as human hair (optimal temperature is 250-275 degrees). Going above 350 degrees is not recommended. Click here for more information about Human Hair and Synthetic Hair. Learn more!


What should I keep in mind about heat-friendly synthetic hair?

Human hair and heat-friendly synthetic hair are the way to go for styling versatility. Human hair offers the most natural look and feel, plus styling versatility. Heat-friendly hair also allows heat styling (optimal temperature is 250-275 degree). Going above 350 degrees, however, is not recommended. Proper care is vital to keeping heat-friendly hair looking its best. A wide tooth comb should be used when styling (not a brush). It is best to avoid combing while wet. Use of products specially designed for synthetic hair, such as BeautiMark, can also help maintain the quality and condition of the hair. We also recommend using a detangling spray like the HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau! With proper care, heat-friendly synthetic hair should last up to a few months.


How should I go about choosing color?

After you have found a style you like, it is time to check out color options. Different brands use different color measurements on their hair extensions. To get the perfect tone first start by identifying your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. For a natural look, blending your hair on the bottom is the most critical part. We recommend getting Remy 100 percent human hair dyed by a professional. Synthetic hair will not dye properly. If the extensions are slightly lighter than your natural hair color, blending them throughout your hair when attaching and styling can give your hair more overall dimension. You can also opt to order a color ring, or send us a color sample to have one of our color specialist match it for you.


What are the different types of hairpieces & hair extensions?

There are a lot of different kinds of hairpieces and hair extensions from bangs which give you the ability to add a face framing style without the commitment of a permanent cut; to buns which create a chic and fabulous finish to any updo with a top knot, low bun or an elegant chignon; ponys in an assortment of stunning styles that instantly create a gorgeous look that has length and fullness; top pieces are excellent for thinning hair, giving you coverage just where you need it and even half wigs which only cover half the head and are typically worn at the same place a headband would be placed to create instant volume and length).


What are the different types of attachment methods?

There are many methods of attachment to help secure the hair in place such as clips, wraps, and combs.

  • Pressure Sensitive Clips-are small metal clips that bend in one direction to open, and in the other to close. This attachment method can be found in most types of clip-in hair extensions or hairpieces; they are small in size, lightweight and easy to attach. To apply, slide the “teeth side” of the clip into your hair and press on the outside edges till you hear or feel a small “snap” signaling the clip is closed and attached to your hair.
  • Straight Comb-has one row of “teeth” designed to slide easily into hair. Mostly commonly used with a secondary attachment method. Some hairpieces, half wigs and falls use both a straight comb and pressure sensitive clip. To apply a straight comb you first create a bun, ponytail, or teased section in the hair. Then you slide the comb between the attachment and your head. Some people prefer to also add a few bobby pins around the attachment for added security.
  • Hair Wrap-is hair attached to an elastic band. A hair wrap can be used around a ponytail or bun that has been pre-fastened with a ponytail holder or it can be worn by itself. Hair wraps are easy to apply and made quick and simple up-dos or ponytails. Some people prefer to add a few bobby pins to help secure the hair wrap in place, especially if the hair wrap is being added to a special occasion hairstyle.
  • Drawstring-most commonly found in ponytails and bun hairstyles. It becomes tighter and more secure around the hair when pulled taught using an adjustable and flexible drawstring. A drawstring is most commonly used in conjunction with another attachment method such as a straight comb or pressure sensitive clips. To apply, you first position the hair using the straight comb or pressure sensitive clips then gently pull the drawstring until the hair becomes securely attached. To conceal the drawstring you simply tuck it under the hairstyle and add a bobby pin if necessary. The technique may require some instruction and practice to perfect.
  • Claw Clip-(also called a jaw-clip or butterfly clip) is two rows of “teeth” or combs that are held in position by a spring. They are easily operated and commonly used in ponytail and up-do styles. To apply a claw clip you first create a ponytail, bun, or teased section in the hair then simply squeeze the clip together to open the combs, apply over the existing hair, and release.
  • Weaving/Bonding-are techniques that use wefts of hair designed to be affixed using a braiding and weaving technique or extension glue. Weaving involves first creating a series of braids or “corn rows” in the hair, then use of a needle and thread to secure the individual wefts to the braids. Bonding involves creating a clean section in the hair, sizing the weft to fit the section, then attaching the weft using special hair extension glue. Both techniques require careful removal. Weaving and bonding are advanced techniques and require skill and training.


What’s the difference between a 5pc and 8pc extension set?

A 5 piece set has more hair on the weft but less extension pieces. Whereas an 8 piece set has less hair on the weft but more pieces. If you desire more length and your own hair has little to no layering, we recommend the 5 pc extensions. If, however, you have a lot of layering we suggest going with the 8 pc extension set which will give you a bit more movement and flexibility.


Will the clips damage my hair?

It is very important that before applying your clip in extension, you have a sturdy base for the clips to be more secure. The teasing methods are always best for secure hold of the clips. If you do not have enough hair to tease or have a sturdy base we do not recommend extensions.


When should I wash my hair extensions?

We recommend washing your hair extensions every 6-8 wears using the appropriate product for synthetic or human hair. Extensions don’t accumulate oils the way our natural hair does so washing it more often than this can weather the fibers and damage your extensions.


How do I wash my extensions?

The best way to wash your extensions is by gathering all the hair strands together into one ponytail. Then run the ponytail under lukewarm water. Squirt a nickel size worth of shampoo into your palm and lather into hair. If needed, rinse and repeat until the shampoo begins to lather. Next, apply conditioner combing it through the hair using a wide tooth comb to distribute the product evenly and rinse again. Finally, we recommend letting your extensions air dry by using a hanger. The picture below will show you what your hair extensions should look like after they dry. We recommend the Daily Duo-Pure Care Shampoo & Conditioner for Human Hair by BeautiMark, and Cleansing Duo-Shampoo and Conditioner for Synthetic Hair by BeautiMark.

 How to dry wet hair extensions?

How can I reduce the shine on my extensions?

The best way to remove shine is by dabbing a bit of dry shampoo into the hair which will dull the fibers. Don’t worry this will not ruin them! This works great for in between washes too. You can also apply this technique to human hair extensions.


How do I know which extensions I need?

First determine what you want the end result to be. Then, consider the length and density of your natural hair. If you want to create more volume, a one piece volumizer is perfect. If you are looking for both length and volume, we recommend a 5-10 piece extension set. Don’t forget our experts are available to assist you, so please feel free to give us a call @ 1-800-581-8206 and we’ll be happy to help you choose the best extension or hairpiece for your needs.


I have super short hair and when I wear my extensions the short hairs show. How can I make my extensions look more natural?

We recommend taking about 2-3 inches from the nape, braiding and clipping this portion flat against your scalp. Then applying the extensions clip on it, which will eliminate those short hairs.

 How to apply clip-in extensions on short hair


How can I prevent the natural hair at my nape from getting tangled when I wear clip-in extensions?

We suggest always having a wide tooth comb handy to comb out tangles as needed (you can also use HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau for synthetic hair, and Argon Mist by Jon Renau for human hair). The friction caused by the rotation of the neck against clothing causes tangling. Combing it out periodically with detangling spray reduces the tangling and prolongs the life of your extensions.


How can I prevent my synthetic extensions from getting dry and tangled after each time I wear them?

Using HD Smooth Detangler by Jon Renau before, after and during each time you wear your extensions reduces drying and tangling, (Argon Mist by Jon Renau can be used for Human Hair only).


Should I use a comb or a brush on my extensions?

Avoid using a brush with any hair type. To eliminate the most fall out always use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair pieces as they dry.