21" Straight Extension | DISCONTINUED

Christie Brinkley

The 21 inch Straight extension by Christie Brinkley gets straight to the point and up your length and volume with this 21” clip in extension. Layered for seamless blending, the length of this extension will give you the WOW! Factor you’ve always wanted.

"Let me get 'straight' to the point. Long straight hair is sooooo sexy! It’s as simple as that. And as simple as the 5 little clips it takes to snap on this sleek extension. Instant length. Instantly seductive!”
– Christie

Get Attached:
1. Part your hair from ear to ear, and clip out of the way with the included duckbill clips.
2. Slide the extension’s center clip into the middle of your part. (For fine hair, tease the roots a little before you start. That’ll make things more secure.)
3. Attach the next clips one at a time - first the two top clips and then the two bottom clips. Check to make sure the piece lies flat with no gaps.
4. Unclip your hair and blend together with the extension.
5. Too long? Not long enough? Start over, parting your hair higher or lower to get the length you want.

Styling (if you must):
Unlike your own hair, Excelle fiber only sets after it cools. So keep the curl shape until it’s cool, then release!
• 300°F (148°C) is perfect. Do not go above 350°F/177°C
• Never heat style while wearing the piece




Product Type:

Hair Extensions

Hair Type:

Heat Friendly Synthetic hair

Product Weight:


Approximate Length:


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