Fine or Thin Hair Solutions

Find Hair Solutions for Fine or Thin Hair


For thicker, fuller hair, we recommend volumizing, clip-in hairpieces or hair extensions. They'll give your hair an extra boost of volume, right where you want it. Choose from a variety of different styles, lengths, colors and hair types (human hair or synthetic hair). Clip-ins require no commitment and cause no damage to your hair. They simply snap in with pressure sensitive clips. Plus the items we're featuring here are all one piece so they're super quick and easy to use. Best of all, they look extremely natural. The only trick is figuring out what to try first!


Designed to add volume primarily at the crown area, volumizing hairpieces clip on top of your head. Many of the styles include bangs, as well as a monofilament feature at the base, which creates the illusion of natural hair growth where the hair is parted. These pieces blend with your own hair most naturally if you have a short to mid-length cut. Ranging in price from $60 to $250, these hairpieces are very affordable. They really aren't about adding length - it's all about turning up the volume on top. Shop All Toppers & Toppieces


To add more volume around the sides and back of your hair, consider volumizing hair extensions. They simply clip in underneath or over your hair to add fabulous body. Hair extensions also provide added length so you can get longer, more voluminous hair at the same time - and still keep it very natural looking. We've featured styles here from 10 to 23 inches, at a price of $49 to $255. If you're not sure about length, keep in mind you can always have longer extensions trimmed to the perfect length. Shop All Volumizing Extensions