12" Stretch Pony | Synthetic Ponytail


The 12" Stretch Pony by Hairdo has a unique stretch base that accommodates various hair lengths. This synthetic ponytail is easy to apply, so you'll be ready for the day or night in a flash!


  • Comb / Velcro Straps / Pull Through AttachmentUnique attachment consists of a 3 pronged comb and Velcro strap to create a secure fit.
  • Tru2Life® Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair - Looks and feels like human hair and can be heat styled using thermal styling tools. Our recommendation for styling Heat Friendly fiber is to stay between 275° F-300° F for best results.
    PRODUCT TYPEHair Extensions
    DEPARTMENTWomen's Hair Extensions
    HAIR FIBERHeat Friendly Synthetic Hair Extensions
    TEXTUREHeat Friendly Hair Extensions
    MEASUREMENTSLength: 16”
    PRODUCT WEIGHT3.20 oz.

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