3 Best Beanie Hairstyles

January 18, 2018

Just because it’s frigidly cold out and you’re throwing on whatever you can to keep warm….doesn’t mean you can’t still have stylish hairstyles! Beanies are the best way to stay warm while still staying fabulous, and we’ve put together our top 3 hairstyles to pair with your favorite beanie:

Double Braids

Braids are the perfect way to take your beanie style up a notch, especially when you do double! Part your hair down the middle into two sections and do a simple three-strand braid on both sides. Add clip-in extensions to your hair to add length and fullness to your braids, and then gently pull at the strands to create a loose and casually cute look!

Big Loose Curls

Just because you’re putting on a hat doesn’t mean you have to cover up your gorgeous long locks! Big loose curls look stunning under beanies, and all you have to do is curl your hair with a thick barreled curling iron...it's that simple! If you're afraid your hair isn’t long enough to show off your beautiful curls under your beanie, then add in some of our clip-in extensions to give you that stunning length you’ve been dreaming of. Try one of our human hair extensions like the 20" Human Hair Extensions Kit by hairdo or one of our heat-friendly synthetic styles such as the 18" Wavy Extensions Kit by hairdo, both can be curled to create this fabulous hairstyle!

Ponytails and Buns

You’re probably looking at this a little sideways wondering how you could possible do a bun or ponytail with a beanie on your head….but a genius has invented beanies that have a hole at the top for ponytails or buns! The person who thought of this seriously deserves an award. If you are one of the lucky girls who has gotten their hands on one of these amazing beanies, then this is for you! If you haven’t yet...it’s not too late to go online and order one! Try one of our bun or ponytail pieces to create the perfect style with this amazingly innovative beanie.