Why Clip-In Extensions are Better

July 13, 2022

Why Clip In Hair Extensions are Better

Hair extensions are an excellent option for anyone looking to instantly add volume, fullness, and length to their natural hair without the commitment of a wig. Hair extensions are easy to apply and maintain and can transform your look in minutes plus, when cared for properly, they can last up to one year. But for those who have never worn hair extensions before, it can be a bit confusing considering that there are so many different types of hair extensions. There are clip-in, sew-in, and tape-in extensions, as well as fusion hair extensions which fuse the extensions to your natural hair using adhesive and a hot fuse gun. Those extensions are very damaging to the hair and can take hours to apply. Plus, glue, heat tools, or adhesives can cause traction alopecia, which you don’t want. That’s why we prefer the comfort and ease of clip-in hair extensions.  

What Are Clip-In Extensions? 

Clip-in hair extensions are made of wefts of hair in different sizes, attached at the base with silicone or pieces of fabric. Pressure-sensitive clips are then attached to this base for easy installation and attachment to your own hair. One set of clip-in hair extensions can include several different wefts of hair and several clips. Clip-in hair extensions are the most popular extensions out there because they take under 15 minutes to apply and allow you to experiment with your hair without visiting a costly salon. They are also among the most affordable out there. 

Available in different colors and lengths, clip-in hair extensions also come in synthetic or human hair options. 

How Do You Apply Clip-In Hair Extensions? 

How to apply hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be easily applied and blended into your natural hair using the attached pressure-sensitive clips.

Start by working from the back of your head and section off your hair so that the bottom and the top are separated; secure the top of your hair using a ponytail or clip. Then comb out your hair and attach a weft onto that section by opening the clip and sliding it right into your natural hair before snapping it closed. Make sure the extension is flat along your scalp. Secure the rest of the hair extensions in the areas you desire most, whether the side or back of your head, but always make sure to blend and keep the weft hidden beneath your bio hair. 

How Long Do They Last? 

Clip-in hair extensions can last a long time since they are not worn daily and washed with your bio hair like semi-permanent extensions are. However, they can last up to one year only when worn and maintained properly. So correctly combing, styling, washing, and storing your extensions is a must! Clip-in hair extensions, when worn correctly, can last all day long, but it is not recommended that you sleep with clip-in hair extensions because they can damage your hair and scalp overnight.   

Why We Love Clip-In Hair Extensions 

Why we love hair extensions

Clip-in hair extensions can be applied and removed so quickly that you can wear them almost daily if you want. We love the fuss-free vibe of clip-in hair extensions; no scary heat tools, no adhesives, no tape, and chemicals are involved; just easy-to-use clips!  Plus, when applied correctly, there is no pain or damage to your bio hair. They are low-maintenance, last long, and are affordable. These are just some of the reasons why we love clip-in hair extensions! 

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