Where To Buy Halo Extensions

August 29, 2019

With all the talk of wigs & extensions nowadays, it can get pretty confusing knowing which is which, which is the best on the market, & how to get your hands on the most trendy. Everything from weaves, to Ariana Grande length extensions, or even beautiful colors that we see the Kardashians rocking in their wigs. Whatever it is, there’s one thing in common — they’re all beautiful & can make the lucky lady wearing them feel even more beautiful too! With that said, we have a new product today that we want to feature with all you beautiful gals from hairextensions.com. You may have heard of Halo extensions, but you’ve never seen any like these! Let’s show you our newest product & obsession, & talk a little bit about why you need them & where you can get them!

Halo Hair Extensions 

Halo extensions are stunning. They are truly unlike any other extension on the market with their quality, length, natural appearance & style. You can look at your phone or your computer all day browsing extensions that are worth hundreds, or even spends thousands of dollars on your hair at the salon getting them ‘professionally done’ & you still won’t have the look of these babies. Because halo extensions are truly one of a kind, we want to praise them for why we think they’re better than all the rest. Our specific feature of these extensions comes from all of us at hairextensions.com, featuring the 20” Invisible Extension by Hairdo marked down from a whoppin’ $87.00, to a mere $73.95. With these gorgeous extensions, you can get ready-to-go model hair that looks & feels expensive & natural. This gorgeous piece offers incredible volume, length, & elf-like beauty. Made with Synthetic True2Life fibers, this piece is heat friendly & can be styled in a number of different ways to truly give you the look of your dreams.

And onto of the gorgeous appearance & the heat-friendly feature, these extensions are also super easy to apply. Say goodbye to painful tape ins or cheap clip ins, the Halo Extensions easily slip right on like a headband.  With a little fluff, tussle, & combing of your natural hair, they can easily blend right in, making it an effortless & flawless model application. P.S. they're also made in Human Hair!

So if you’re sick & tired of wasting so much time on your hair before you leave the house for school or for work, the Halo Extensions are going to be a lifesaver to you. If you don’t believe us, just give them a shot & watch at how easy & beautiful they truly are. If you want to learn more about these stunning halos, shop them here. We promise you, ladies — you won’t be disappointed!