4th of July Hairstyles

July 04, 2018

Fourth of July is one of the most celebrated events in the summertime in the United States. However, it also occurs on one of the hottest days of the year; and this can take a lot out of your hair. From sweat to dirt to firecracker ash, the amount of impurities that can damage your hair and ruin your look.


4th of July Hairstyles


So whether you are heading to the pool, the beach, a barbeque, or out on the boat, you may find it difficult to do anything but tie up your hair in a ponytail or a bun and just give up on having any other hairstyle that may just get destroyed.

However, there are some styles that can be summer element resistant. Detailed below are three of my go-to styles that are not only good for the summer heat, but perfect enough to be the toast of any fourth of july party.


If you have curls for days…

For those of you who have exceptionally curls locks that are difficult to do anything with, here's a few tips for you! One of my go-tos when styling curly hair takes only one step... and one product! Once you've washed and dried your hair, take your favorite thick headband or scarf with a red white and blue theme and tie that into your curls to secure your curls without damaging or covering them up. 

Another look that works great for curls of any length is a half-up bun. When you separate your hair into two sections, and have the bun secured, leaving the remaining curls down, you can take red white and blue streamers, chords, or maybe even something sparkly to thread into the bun.


If you have pin straight hair…

Sometimes when you have super straight hair, it can be difficult it to get it to do anything. Holding a curl or any complex style is impossible even in the best conditions! For those of you who are looking for a quick fix that is still stylish, go for a wide brimmed hat. It will not only give you a distinct and fashionable look, but it will also protect your hair and skin from UV damage. Just think of it as the more fashionable sunscreen.


Wide Brimmed Hat


Another option is what I would term to be an elevated ponytail - or a triple twisted ponytail. Whether or not your hair is freshly washed or has been worn out a few days, this style is perfect for any state of hair.


Here’s what to do:

  • Tease the roots and split the hair into three vertical sections. This will leave you with one section on the left, one on the right and one down the middle.
  • Put the two sections near your face over your shoulders or clip them to the side as we will be working with the middle section.  Tease the middle section from top to bottom.
  • Take that section and twist it vertically, wrapping around your middle or index finger as a guide. Pin the twist in place using sturdy bobby pins
  • Take your left section and twist it the same way just right next to that first part you made
  • Take your right section and drape and twist the hair over both twists you’ve just created and pin in place!


Vodka by Ellen Wille

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This style is not just stylish, but it keeps your hair safe from losing its shape throughout your partying day or night. Though it isn’t necessary with this style, you can always use a bit of hairspray/finishing spray to tame flyaways and pin in an extra few bobby pins until you feel the perfect level of security. If you want to add a bit more of the fourth of july theme to this look, you can always twist in red white and blue strands with the hair twists. This will not only add some color but will have photoshoot ready hair to be the toast of events for years to come!

What are your favorite hairstyles for 4th of July?

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