Amore Wigs Spring 2019 Topper Collection Has Arrived!

May 30, 2019

If you haven't already heard, Amore Wigs has a super hot new line of toppers out for spring 2019. And let me tell you, they SIZZLE. But don't take my word for it, you've got to check these styles our for yourself! Trust me, they'll give your hair that extra help it needs with a totally natural - yet trendy - look.

Synthetic Lace Front Hair Topper LUXE

So, first... let's see a before pic:

Before Hair Topper

Although this lovely model is super gorgeous and has a beautiful natural hair color, she doesn't have a whole lot to speak for when it comes to fullness. So Amore gave her a hair topper make-over and the result is stunning!

Now, the after:

Blonde Hair Topper

Luxe Hair Topper by Amore

WOW. Talk about boho-chic. There's so much to love about this look! From the perfectly curled back layers to the long bangs and naturally darkened roots, you'd never be able to this isn't her real hair. Especially with the translucent lace front that blends perfectly with the hairline. And don't worry if you aren't a blonde, Luxe comes in colors from ultra dark brown to platinum blonde and even silver for a natural look no matter your age!

 Lace Front Hair Topper Flex

Before picture:

Before Top Piece

Now, this model has stunning features - I mean, look at those pearly whites! But her natural hair simply doesn't do her gorgeous face justice. So check out this incredible topper-makeover (top-over?). It's amazing.


Lace Front Topper for Women

Flex Hair Topper by Amore

Now, that's a style that was born for greatness. I'm so loving this modern day 70's middle part with subtly feathered layers. One of my favorite features of this hair topper is the monofilament base. This is where the hairs are tied in to a sheer mesh material, making it very natural looking and able to be parted in different directions. And the best part, it's super fast and easy! Just clip in, blend with natural hair, and you're ready to go.