Calling all Long Haired Ladies

December 08, 2017

I bet you see hair extensions ads or pictures and think to yourself, “what’s the point? I already have long hair?” Although your hair is already long and luscious, hair extensions have so many other benefits aside from adding extra length. Here are just a few reasons that hair extensions are perfect for you long haired ladies:

Thickness and Body

Many women may not struggle with the length of their hair, but there are so many women who can’t seem to get the thickness they desire no matter how much it grows. Thin hair is so common, and with thin hair comes flat hair. Extensions can help solve these common problems by adding beautiful body. They look completely natural and give you the added volume and thickness you've been dreaming of!


Ever see some gorgeous hair color pictures on social media and are DYEing to try it but don’t want to commit to those permanent and harsh dyes? Well this is where hair extensions come in to save the day. Add pops of color with our Easilites Clip in Color by Easihair, or add gorgeous highlights with our Human Hair Highlight Extensions by hairdo without any commitment. You can also achieve the biggest hairstyle trends such as the balayage or ombre without any commitment by simply adding lighter or darker colored clip-in extensions to your hair!

New and more Styles

Another aspect of hair that many people don’t want to fully commit to is trying new styles or cuts. Bangs can be a scary concept because if you don’t like them, then it takes a while to grow them out. However, with our bang pieces you can try bangs on a whim one day and then take them out the next! Also, hair extensions give you a wider variety of hairstyles you can try. Thin hair limits the pretty hairstyles you can do, so add in clip-in extensions to be able to get better styles such as thick gorgeous braids and updos.

Quick Styling

Not only can you get a wider variety of style options, but you can do them quicker and easier than normal. Have you ever tried to perfect the “messy bun” or “party pony” but it takes longer than its even worth? Well with our bun and ponytail pieces you’ll achieve these effortless styles in seconds.