Change Up Your Look With A Pixie Wig!

August 08, 2019

As a customer of HairExtensions.com, you probably are a fan of long hair. I can’t blame you there. I’ve always preferred longer tresses myself. If you don’t think you can ever go short, that's totally understandable!

But listen – it’s summer. It’s a hot one this year, isn’t it? I remember wishing the warm weather would hurry up and get here. Well, it is definitely here. Where I am, it averages at around 90 degrees. If you’re in a warmer area, you can be looking at 100 degrees or more. There’s only so much air conditioning can do!

If you need another way to beat the heat, why not change up your hairstyle? Long hair extensions are beautiful and sexy, but you know what else is sexy? Not sweating. Try cooling down with one of our pixie cut wigs. (Yes, we do sell wigs at HairExtensions.com!) We all need a change sometimes. You may be surprised with just how well you pull off the look. If you’re willing to give it a shot, check out three of our pixie wigs below.

Pixie Wigs For A New Look

Short Textured Pixie Cut by hairdo 

When you picture a pixie cut, this style is most likely what comes to mind. This is the traditional so-called “boy cut.” While this wig by hairdo is far from boyish, it does have the power to make you look younger. You read that right – this look can take the years off. So many women are fans of pixies cuts because of this. A short sleek cut can divert attention away from fine lines and wrinkles. It can “lift” your features – instant face-lift! For a more youthful appearance, go short this summer.


Textured Fringe Bob by hairdo

If the idea of going too short scares you, consider this rocking wig. The chin-length layers and the long sweeping side bang offer more length than a traditional pixie. Another reason women go short? Short hair is low maintenance! This is true for wigs as well. This heat-friendly synthetic wig arrives sleek and smooth, but the quickest of finger-combings gives you that disheveled look that is so on-trend. With this hairdo piece, there are only 6 inches of hair to style. Extensions can reach 18 inches. Which would you rather style in the middle of the intense summer heat?


Short Tapered Crop by hairdo 

Pixie cuts have one last superpower: volume! While long hair can hang with the weight of itself, a pixie cut is free and light. Often, women with thin hair will opt to go short to finally achieve volume. This hairdo wig is generous on the volume, thanks to the teased crown. If you have a longer face shape, like an oval or heart shape, this may not be the wig for you. The top-heavy volume will be overwhelming. If you have a square or diamond face shape, give it a try! The voluminous crown and eyelash bang will elongate your face, giving you a beautiful and lean look.