Christie Brinkley... Perfect Hair 2 Wear Extension | From Bikini to Black Tie Event!

March 10, 2017

Christie Brinkley is an ageless icon in the beauty industry.  She is living proof that age is just a number and doesn't define limits in what you can do and how you can look.  So many women feel that as your age goes up... so should the length of your hair.  Christie proves once again that rules as they relate to limiting women are made to be broken!  Long hair can look amazing on any woman as long as it looks full and healthy... so what if we need a little help achieving this look?  its the end result that counts!  The beautiful collection of Christie Brinkley hair extensions and hair pieces have something for everyone!  Want gorgeous long hair or maybe just add volume to what you do have...check!... Or maybe rock a high glam ponytail or bangs... check, check!   You can have it all with just a few staple pieces in your hair wardrobe. 

Christie Brinkley 21' heat friendly synthetic hair extensions worn on the cover of sports illustrated

Hair2Wear created a gorgeous 21" straight hair extension 1 piece system for Christie and it is perfect for adding volume and some extra length. Looks flawless on her! Check out Christie and her beautiful daughters on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover where she is wearing this on the beach and her hair looks vintage Christie Brinkley glam!  Jury is out on whether her daughters Sailor and Alexa are wearing it too.... we don't know, but it works on all ages and hair types.  

The 21 inch straight extension is a one piece extension system with several wefts of hair sewn together to give a  layered and tapered effect which is optimal for seamless blending in to your own hair.  Christie Brinkley 21' heat friendly synthetic hair extensions worn on the cover of sports illustrated

Straight or styled... you choose!  This hair extension piece is made from heat friendly synthetic fiber.  this means you have some styling versatility.  Now keep in mind... it is still synthetic hair so dont go crazy;)  You have to keep the heat tools below 350 degrees Fahrenheit as not to singe the hair... and styling heat friendly hair takes a bit more time as you have to heat it to create your desired curl or style and let it cool before it sets.  Once set... you will have a long lasting style but it does take a bit more time so allow yourself the time to make it beautiful!  

Christie Brinkley hair
Christie dishes about her new product to get va-voom hair saying...  "Let me get 'straight to the point'.  Long straight is sooo sexy!  Its as simple as that! And as simple as the 5 little clips it takes to snap on this sleek extension.  Instant length.  Instantly seductive!" 



So don't be restricted by hair type or age for that matter... Wow them with full sexy hair and go for the look you have always wanted.  Life is too short... go long! 

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