Make Some Noise For Clip-In Bangs!

February 21, 2017

Bangs are having a major moment and Fringe is definitely in this year... Faux Real!  If you want to change things up... Bangs will definitely do the trick for you.  Of course you see all the hottest stars and singers rocking bangs, but if you really pay attention, most of them don't actually cut bangs in...instead they CLIP THEM IN!

Clip in Bangs in Heat Friendly Synthetic HairClip-in bangs are perfect for trying bangs before you make the commitment and start chopping.  For those of us with commitment issues but a passion for high fashion... there is not other answer!   There are few things worse than waiting for your hair to grow back from a cut you regret...awkward and frustrating!  However, many women choose to never cut them in and use clip in bangs whenever the mood strikes.... total freedom!

Everyone loves bangs, but the blunt truth is a fringe haircut isn't exactly the perfect hairstyle for every face.  If your face is too long or too wide, be careful to makesure your bangs are not too full and more on the wispy side.  Keep them longer if this is the case. Make sure there is hair on the side framing your face and giving your fringe a layered look.  If you  still feel the bangs are making themselves the focus...Try sweeping them to the side to keep the look light and breezy.

Clip in Bangs in Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair| Christie Brinkley

The look we are seeing take over the tabloids (just google Gigi Hadid, all the Kardashians, Karlie Kloss, or Beyonce) the relaxed undone look with fringe.  the new label for this look... the "overnight bangs".  We are loving this relaxed look because it can be casual and cool and also can be very chic with an up-do or sophisticated pony...and you can clip that in too!

bangs give you an amazing opportunity to create the illusion of the perfect face shape. Oval is the optimal face shape as it is most symmetrical.  Remember... bangs are literally a frame and your face is the picture!  You can tweak your face shape with bangs. if your 


Clip In Bangs by Hairdo | Human Hair clip in fringe

Follow these basic tips to rock the fringe for your face shape and hair:

  • Wider face - Wear a longer textured but full fringe (not blunt at all) with long textured pieces framing the sides of your face below your cheekbones. Keep the bangs and your hair as straight as possible too. keep is sleek and angular. This will narrow your face.
  • Long or Narrow face - Be Blunt! These will look great on you as you can bring it in with a bang;)... total pun intended. Just make sure to keep them a little tousled looking... use a little spray or powder and blur the lines a bit with your fingertips.
  • Lots of hair - Go with piecey bangs to blend in to thick hair.  Don't compete with your full head of hair by wearing thick bangs.  Blend the sides in to your natural hair so there is no harsh ledge between your hair and your bangs.  Match the curl pattern with that side fringe and keep it as long as possible.
  • Oval -  Yes... your perfect;)  You can take on any fringe.  Blunt and dramatic, piecey and wispy, smooth or a little wavy... you hit the lotto!  have a blast.

easi fringe clip in bangs by easihair | human hair clip in bangs

Got your fringe look figured out... next step... making them look real so they blend in perfectly with your hair.  You will need some texture or volume spray and your favorite hot tool.  When you take them out of the package they will be pretty flat and perhaps pretty shiny.  if you clip them in out of the box... they will definitely look fake.  you DON'T want that! So make sure and rough em up a bit!  Clip in Bangs come in both human hair and synthetic hair choices.  Honestly, if you have it in the budget... go for the human hair as they will hands down, give you the most versatility.  If you can't get the human hair bangs, there are heat friendly synthetic hair choices you can try.

Now get those styling tools... Product is your friend here so use it to give your bangs a natural texture and bring the shine down to match your natural hair.  Keep in mind.. you are going to clip them in to your hair so focus on the seamless look.  make sure you don't clip them in too far in front or too far back.  The hair where you are clipping your fringe to needs to be teased or braided at the base for a better hold.  If your roots don't match the fringe... use a colored root spray or powder to match up the look. 


So... the Big Bang Theory... They can work for most anyone... Just make sure you pick the right fringe to frame your face perfectly.  Remember, they are the frame that highlight your face.  Be sure your bangs make you picture perfect!

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We would love to hear your thoughts on bangs and fringe.  Tell us below!