Dry Shampoo: The Best & Worst

September 11, 2017

Let’s admit it, we’ve all relied on dry shampoo to save the small amount of life left in our hair for a night out... When you have your entire night relying on this one hair product, it better be the best one you’ve ever encountered! That’s why I’ve listed the best dry shampoos, and of course, the worst. Don’t let your one bad purchase ruin your entire night, read this list and salvage an extra few hours of unwashed hair.

Best Brands:

Nexxus Youth Renewal: This brand of dry shampoo can take oily strands of hair and make them look fresh and good as new! Not only does this brand eliminate grease, but it also contains argon oil which rejuvenates fried and dry hair. 

Dove Refresh + Care: We love this drugstore dry shampoo because it is cheap and gets the job done! It is lightweight, eliminates oil, and is easy to disguise into all hair colors. 

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day: This brand is on the nicer end of dry shampoos, but it is definitely worth the extra bucks for it's amazing extra features. This dry shampoo will eliminate all signs of grease and can allow you to go even more days without having to wash your hair. Not only will your hair look clean, but with it's fresh scent it will also smell clean too! This is an all around amazing brand. 

MoroccanOil Dry Shampoo: You can find this dry shampoo in two different color shades, one for darker tones and one for lighter tones. This brand is known to add the perfect amount of texture and body while hiding any signs of oily roots. 

Batiste: This brand is all the rave, especially with it's wide variety of color and scent options! After using this dry shampoo, your hair will honestly look like it just got washed... it is exactly what we need!

You can find all of these amazing brands at either your local drugstore or Ulta! Now that we’ve got the winners down, let’s look at the brands you should stray away from...

Worst Brands:

TRESemme Instant Refresh: This brand tends to leave a sticky residue on the hair causing it to seem even greasier than it was in the first place! It just completely defeats the purpose of dry shampoo, and that is why it has made the list of the worst dry shampoo brands. 

Herbal Essences Clearly Naked: Don't let the nice smell fool you, this dry shampoo just doesn't do the job. It leaves your hair so crunchy afterwards that it is almost hard to even try and brush through it! 

Bed Head Oh Bee Hive!: This dry shampoo is heavy and leaves a powdery residue on the hair. It is way too difficult to disguise that you put in dry shampoo...so what's the point? This is why we recommend staying away from this one.