Hats off to Fall

September 15, 2017

We’re saying “hats off” to great hair this season! Hair and hats are like naps and Sundays, sometimes you just really need them! Hats can help your unique personality shine in all of your favorite fall looks. Let’s be honest, we’ve all used hat days as an excuse to not wash our hair for another day...I’m guilty of it too! Whether it’s a fashion statement or a dirty hair disguise, we are giving you all of the hottest hat hairstyles to utilize this fall.

Classic curls

Take those gorgeous long barrel curls to the next level by throwing on a cute hat. Put in your extensions to give added length past your hat, then choose any style of hat… the possibilities are endless! A hat mixed with this curly hairstyle gives a classic look that extra flair.

Hat and Bun

Buns are fun, but you can make them even more exciting with a stylish hat. I have always had trouble with getting buns to look just how I want, but with our bun pieces from hairextensions.com, this is no longer an issue! For this style, simply pull your hair into a low pony, and wrap the bun piece around your regular hair. Pull out a few pieces in the front to frame your face (tip: curl these pieces to create a more elegant look), and then throw on your hat and you’re ready to go out on the town!

Baseball cap with Pony

Baseball caps don’t have to be just for the ballfield, when your hair isn’t cooperating these babies can be your life saver! Sport your favorite team or school with your choice of baseball cap, or just keep it simple with a plain or patterned one. Put in a long curled ponytail piece to add more volume and fullness to your hairstyle, give it a little tease in the back and your problem is solved. It’s safe to say, this style is a homerun!!

Let your style shine through these stunning hat hairstyles!