Holiday Hairstyles

December 14, 2017

Looking for a fab 'do for the holidays? With hair extensions and awesome hairpieces, finding the perfect style will be a snap! Here are our recommendations:

Curled Updo

This style is both classic and elegant, and is perfect for all of your fancy holiday parties. This style requires a little more time, but is definitely worth it for the beautiful end result. You can save yourself some time by getting one of our stunning curled wraps or bun pieces to help make the styling process easier. Give the top front part of your hair a little tease for the perfect amount of volume. Pull back all of your hair into a low bun, leaving the front pieces out to frame your face, and give those pieces a soft curl. Lastly, use whichever bun or wrap piece your heart desires and put it over your low bun.

Braided Headband

We love this style because it’s both easy and versatile, you can wear it to a holiday event or dress it down for a small gathering with friends. The options are endless! Braided headbands can be hard and confusing, but with the braided headbands on our website, you can save yourself the time and agony and achieve this look in seconds. Curl your hair like you normally would, then take the front pieces of your hair and tease them back for volume. Lastly, put in your favorite braided headband piece such as the Boho Braid by Revlon leaving a few curled strands out in the front, and you’re ready to go! Yes, it’s that easy...

Party Pony

This style is perfect for any party, hence the name “party pony!” Start by teasing all of your hair back or leaving your part and teasing it back, whichever look you prefer. Pull all of your hair back into a ponytail and take one strand to wrap around your ponytail holder. Once this strand is pinned, curl your ponytail to finish the look. If you don't like the length of your ponytail, we suggest using one of our curled ponytail pieces such as the 23" Long Wave Ponytail by Hairdo for added length and ease! 

Elegant Bun

Ladies with the fancy parties and big events, this style is for you! An elegant bun hairstyle will pair perfectly with your gorgeous gowns and dresses. Buns can be hard to perfect, but with our bun pieces, this style is both fast and flawless. Tease the top of your hair back and pull it all up into a high bun. The bun doesn’t have to be perfect because that’s what our hair pieces are for! Put the bun piece over your normal bun leaving one strand out, then wrap this strand around the bun piece to cover any signs of a hair tie. Pin the strand and just like that you’ve got an elegant look for any formal holiday event!