How Long Do Clip-in Hair Extensions Last?

July 18, 2019

Before you ever get your first extensions, knowing how long each kind lasts can really save you time and more importantly, money! Well...and a headache too.


Let’s be straightforward and honest with each other right out of the gate, cheaper extensions--synthetic or real hair aside--are not going to last you as long as higher end ones. That’s usually a given conclusion in most cases for anything you purchase. Sometimes you can get lucky with some bargain ones that last just as long, but generally speaking you really want to go with the highest quality you can afford.

How Long Do Extensions Last?

In my experience, my own clip-ins have lasted for about a year now--don’t get too excited yet though! Mine are synthetic ones that I bought on a random website. They were cheap and my first foray into the world of extensions, so I wasn’t really worried about the quality too much. They’ve lasted as long as they have because I’ve only used them a handful of times. And in that handful of times, quite a few hairs fell. So I’m 100% positive that with extended and consistent use they wouldn’t last more than 3 months.

So even though they’ve lasted a while, they’re not the greatest quality and haven’t seen much use. Not much = Not much wear and tear. With my own experience out of the way, the first thing that you need to know is that no matter what kind you get, synthetic or real hair, they’re going to be needing replacing eventually. And the way you care for them--just like your real hair--matters.

For example, if you’re somebody who needs to use heat styling, don’t be surprised if your synthetic extensions only last a few months. Heat is very well known to damage hair and synthetic clip-ins are not real hair. So you’re not going to be getting 12 months use out of them.

And if you are someone who needs to heat style, then it may be wise for you to get human hair clip-ins. Synthetic clip-ins can only be heated up to a certain temperature and won't last as long if heat-styled everyday. Always make sure to check what the packaging says as far as heat styling goes.

How Long Human Hair and Synthetic Extensions Last

If you take really good care of your human hair clip-ins, they can last about 12 months. Usually though they last between 3 to 6 months with medium to heavy use and without proper care. Remember just like your natural hair, they need the same love and attention.

With consistent use, synthetic hair extensions worn daily will likely last you about 2-3 months with heat styling. Those that can’t or don’t get heat styled can usually last up to 6 months if taken care of and not washed too frequently.

As you guys can see, there are definitely pros and cons to each kind. Do your research and really think about what you can manage as far as maintenance goes. When you know what your preference and budget is, go get yourself some clip-ins and rock that hair!