How To Care for Hair Extensions

August 18, 2018

Whether you’ve purchased hair extensions for added length, added volume, or just for fun, they are an investment that you want to take good care of. Today’s blog will go over the best ways to take care of your favorite hair extensions.


How to Take Care of Hair Extensions


Extend the Life of your Hair Extensions with these Care Tips


Anytime you have a hair piece or set of hair extensions, improper care can drastically shorten the lifespan of your investment. It is essential that you treat them with proper hair care methods to ensure they last a long time, and look great in your hair. Check out our helpful tips for human hair and synthetic hair extensions below!


Human Hair Extensions


You would think that human hair extensions would act exactly like your own hair, but there are a few stark differences to keep in mind. Since extensions no longer receive nutrients from the scalp, they need to be treated more gently than your bio hair. Never brush or comb your extension if they are wet, and be sure to condition them generously. Never use synthetic extension cleaners on human hair.


20" Human Hair Extensions by HAIRDO


Synthetic Hair Extensions


Synthetic hair extensions can handle a little more abuse than human hair extensions, but treating them gently will help them look better, in addition to lasting longer. First of all, remember that synthetic hair does not need to be washed as frequently as human hair. When you do wash it, be sure to use cool water so as not to damage the hair.


Use the Right Products


Here at hairextensions.com, we want the extensions and hair that we sell to last you a very long time. That’s why we also offer great care products like BeautiMark. Check out our favorite extension care shampoos, conditioners, and smoothing treatments here.


Ready to Replace your Hair Extensions?


While it’s important to take certain measures to prolong the life of your extensions, all extensions eventually need to be replaced. If your extensions start to look damaged or no longer look smooth and natural, check out these great hair extensions for up to 50% off! We have plenty of new sales  and coupons all the time, so definitely stay tuned.


What are your best hair extension hair tips? Let us know in the comment section below!