How To | Victory Rolls

July 11, 2018

The month of July often becomes more than just a July 4th celebration, but a celebration of what it is to be an American and all of the major events in our history that made the country what it is today. To this day, one of the most iconic moments in history that lines up with these celebrations is V-Day after World War II was won. Because of this, many an influencers feed in the month of July will turn almost into a time capsule showing off modern twists on classic and iconic hair looks.


Victory Rolls


Victory Rolls remain as one of - if not the - most iconic hair look from the 1940s. Seen on posters and all over television and film media, this was the height of fashion for almost two decades - and is still just as flattering and stylish as it was then.

Below is a list of steps to create victory rolls and how to use those rolls in a variety of different finished looks. Even for the most inexperienced hair stylist, I have found that victory rolls are some of the simplest and most effortless to try and are the perfect style for any summer soiree.


First, what do you need?

  • Crocodile clips, or large clips to separate hair into sections
  • Duckbill clips
  • Hairspray
  • Curling wand
  • Wide Tooth Comb
  • Bobby pins

Before the rolls...

Before you start any of these looks, it is important to prep your hair the same way they would have done back then in order to achieve the same wave and texture. This retro curl tutorial helps get your hair in the right shape to make creating the victory rolls that much easier.

  • Start by sectioning off your hair; 3-4 horizontal 1-inch sections on either side of your head typically works best. One at the top, one under the ears, one just above your ears and one at the temple.
  • Then, take the curling wand and wind the hair just around the barrel. Wrap your hair TOWARD your face instead of away, contrary to how many curl their hair now.
  • When you release the curl, cup the curl in your hand to let it set. Then use a duckbill clip to secure the curl to your head. Repeat with the other sections on both sides of your head.
  • You can let them sit in clamps as long as you wish - I typically use this time to finish my makeup or whatever part of my routine I am currently working on - and when you release them you are going to have super bouncy curls.
  • To finish, just take a wide toothed comb to gently comb through the curls. Twirl the curls together and whether you wish to stop here or move on to the rolls, you can add a finishing spray to tame flyaways.


Wide Tooth Comb

We love the Hair Trix Wide Tooth Comb by Beautimark!


Victory Curls

  • Once your hair is parted how you like - slightly off center is one of the best - take the front section and backcomb the hair from the back forward until the hair feels solid.
  • Smooth the front side and wind it around your hand.
  • Make sure the rolls have the iconic shape and pin into place.
  • Repeat on the other side.


How to Spice it Up

Though your hair may look just how you like it, if you want something a bit more elaborate, there are a few things you can do. My personal favorite is to add a scarf or handkerchief to really buy into the whole 1940s feeling. Whether that is wrapped like a headband or pulled up into a Rosie the Riveter motif, there really is no direction you can’t go with these rolls as your base style.


What do you think of this 40's-inspired hairstyle?
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