Our Favorites from 2017!

December 29, 2017

2017 is coming to an end, and we are reminiscing on all of the amazing things that this year has brought. Here are some of our favorite styles from this year that we are sure will be making an appearance in the new year too!

20” easiXtend Elite by easihair

Long hair never goes out of style, and these 20” easiXtend Elites give you that gorgeous length everyone is loving. These extensions are some of our favorite from 2017 because they are our longest Human Hair clip-in extensions EVER!! With the easy-to-apply 8 piece set, these extensions are both gorgeous and hassle-free. So although we may be saying goodbye to 2017, these babies won’t be going anywhere anytime soon…

Color Splash Pony by hairdo

2017 was a year full of fun and excitement, and colored hair made a huge comeback! We fell in love with the dip-dyed ends on the Color Splash Pony by hairdo and that is why it landed a spot as one of our favorite styles from this year. With our wide variety of color options, there is a shade for all personalities! One of our favorite features is the smooth strip of hair that wraps around the holder to conceal where the ponytail meets your hair. This modern and spunky pony is a star that will surely shine bright in 2018 too!

Top of Head by hairdo

Toppers made a rise this year and revealed all of their amazing features and benefits! Toppers not only help hide signs of hair loss, but they also add amazing volume and fullness to your hair. The Top of Head by hairdo has a monofilament base that is hand-tied to give you the most natural and seamless look, and that is why it is a very popular topper. Another cool feature about the Top of Head is that you can use it to conceal grown out roots until your next touch up! With all of it’s incredible uses and features we are sure this topper will be as big of a hit in 2018 as it was in 2017!

Textured Cut by hairdo

Many celebrities stepped onto the red carpet this year with their new and trendy pixie cuts. This style was HOT this year and the Textured Cut by hairdo can give this exact look to you without the permanence. If you’re one of the many who fear chopping off your long locks, then try the Textured Cut wig to achieve this edgy style without any commitment. Keep your long locks one day and go short and spunky the next with one of our favorite wigs from 2017, we are positive this perfect pixie will still be a big hit in the new year!