To Cut Or Not To Cut... That is the Question

August 01, 2016

One of the biggest hair commitments you can make is whether or not to get bangs. Sure, they look great on a lot of people, but what if they just don't work for you? If you're like us, bangs are a BIG deal. That's why we love clip-in hair bangs so much. You get all the fringe benefits of bangs, and none of the hassle. 


The Blunt Bang

2016 is the year of the blunt bang. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Tara Banks have embraced this popular fringe, but will it work for you? Consider your face shape.

Tip: Round faces can sometimes look rounder and wider with a blunt bang, so consider a side swept bang instead.





The Wispy Bang 

The wispy bang is good alternative if you're looking for something that's less bold and pronounced. It's a bit more textured and softer than the blunt bang and can work with almost any face shape.

Tip: If you have fine or thinner hair, go with a wispy bang for the most natural look.


The Side Swept Bang

The side swept bang can complement a great haircut or add instant flair to your daily look. The versatility of these bangs means they are never out of style. 

Tip: Add a side swept bang with a pony tail for Pinterest-worthy looks.