Wedding Hair Pieces for Short Hair

February 07, 2019

It’s about that time of year! That’s right... wedding time! I can already hear the bells ringing! So, what’s more fun than a wedding? Well, that’s hard to beat…but a close runner up to a reception full of merry dancing and an all you can drink wet bar is that beautiful hour spent behind the scenes, with the bride and the women closest to her. Getting hair and makeup to perfection, and strapping in to the gown she chose above all others.

The hair, though… We’ve got to make sure there’s not a strand out of place, and it captivates the elegance and grace of the bride from all angles.

But…how? For those of us with locks that don’t quite cut it for the luscious low chignon, we’d like to introduce you to a little thing called the hairpiece. That’s right! You can totally get the style you’ve been dreaming of (and we already know that you’ve spent enough hours looking at wedding hairstyles on Pinterest to graduate with a master’s). So, let’s learn exactly how to get that picture perfect style to bring it all together!

The Veiled Updo

                No other accessory makes you feel more bridal than the veil. The delicate piece of tulle pinned to your head will tie the entire wedding day ensemble together. Veils come in varying lengths, so the choice is yours.

Whether you go with a short or long veil, you can’t go wrong with a chignon wedding hairstyle. Chignons create a secure base while looking classy and sophisticated. The Modern Chignon by hairdo is a synthetic hairpiece with soft waves to match every hair texture. The bear claw clip makes this a snap to wear. Wear this piece high or low and keep the rest of your hair simple. Allow your veil to take the spotlight!

Product shown is Modern Chignon by Hairdo

The Royal Treatment

Maybe you’re not actually royalty, but your wedding is that one day which you feel like you are. Why not go all out with a tiara?

A high chignon bun paired with a jewel-encrusted crown will give you major princess vibes. Glamour Chignon by hairdo is a must-have for a wedding tiara look. After all, “glamour” is right in the name. This human hair piece can be worn curled or straight. After styling, all you need to do is pull your own hair into a bun or ponytail and secure the chignon with the alligator claw clip. Place your tiara at the base of the bun and walk down the aisle looking like a member of the royal family.

All Pinned Up

Product shown is Loose Wire Wrap by Christie Brinkley

If tiaras and veils aren’t for you, you can still have a romantic updo wedding style. Embellished hairpins or clips add flourish to an updo. Loose wire wrap is a beautiful synthetic hair piece. It’s made with Excelle™ fiber for an incredibly realistic look and feel. The piece offers a secure hold, thanks to the 3 small claw clips that interlocks around your own hair. The soft curls of this bun create a romantic look. Tease the front of your hair for extra volume or even twist a small braid. Place embellished hairpins or clips to complete your wedding day hairstyle.