Your Crown of Curls

December 31, 2017

Curly hair doesn’t come easy to everyone, but if you’re one of the lucky few with naturally gorgeous curls then you should know how to properly handle and protect them. Here are a few tips for you queens crowned with curls:


Did you know that oil produced from the scalp takes way longer to travel down curly hair than any other type of hair? This causes curly hair to be much more dry and brittle, so moisturizing your curls is a MUST. Use hair milks and leave-in conditioners, such as the Daily Protect Leave-In Spray by BeautiMark, to lock in moisture and keep your curls hydrated and looking and feeling healthy. Also, our Argan Smooth Treatment moisturizes and conditions your hair while also giving it the strength it needs. A little bit of this light spray on your curls will eliminate any frizz and keep them looking shiny and smooth.


One of the biggest things to remember with curly hair is to avoid using brushes and use a comb instead. Brushing your hair with a normal brush will expand the curls and damage the protective cuticle which causes them to be extra frizzy and broken. Use a wide-tooth comb such as the Wide Tooth Wig Combs by BeautiMark and Jon Renau to still detangle while refraining from any breakage of your curls. Tip: use the comb on your hair when it is wet because it will ease the detangling process but also set the shape for your curls.

Limit Heat

Putting heat on your curls will suck out any moisture they have and leave them dry and damaged. Learn to minimize the heat you use on your hair by styling and working with your natural textured curls. If you need to use heat products on your hair, put our Heat Treat Thermal Spray by Jon Renau to prevent added damage to your curls and provide a clean release when using hot tools.

Deep Conditioning Masks

As mentioned earlier, curly hair naturally has less moisture so it is vital that you condition it to keep your hair hydrated. Try using a deep conditioning mask on your curls every week to feed your curls the nutrients and moisture they are craving. We love our Intensive Recovery Mask by BeautiMark because it has nourishing oils such as avocado, goji berry, and acai which will rejuvenate and put life back into your curls.