3 Affordable Hair Toppers for Hair Loss

November 15, 2018

One of the hardest things about being human is dealing with loss in any sense – but especially loss of self and a deteriorating self-image. I, myself, never really thought about how important my hair was to my self confidence… that is until I started to lose it. My hair has always been naturally thin, so at first, I didn’t notice anything changing; but a few months down the line, I noticed bald patches forming that were becoming harder and harder to hide.

I remember so clearly my drama teacher at the time coming up to me and patting my head telling me that everything was going to be alright when she found my crying after a tech rehearsal, refusing to take my wig off. After some convincing, she managed to get the wig off of me to assess and a couple of weeks later presented me with something much smaller and that actually matched my hair color. That thing was a hair topper. It blended so beautifully and though I knew it wasn’t my real hair, the comfort of looking like my old self again was something I will never forget!

My hair started thinning much earlier than most women – happening to me in high school – however, I found out that many women suffer from hair loss in every stage of life and after being in college for a little while, I began to pass on the little bits of knowledge I had picked up on my own journey. The hardest thing to work through was not feeling ashamed of wearing something "fake". The best phrase ever uttered by my hair stylist was “sugar, if the most fake thing about you is that hair, you got nothing to worry about.” After wearing hair toppers for so long, now I see them as an extension of myself, not as a fake thing I plaster on to look “normal.”

When researching hair toppers, I noticed that they can come with a hefty price tag – but then I was able to find three hair toppers that were not just super cute and in a variety of sizes, but also are affordable! For those of you who are wanting to try a hair topper but aren’t sure whether it is something you want to invest in just yet, I definitely suggest you try one of the three following toppers!


French Knotting For Natural Looking Comfort

Product shown is easiPart French 12" Remy Human Hair Topper

The easiPart French 12" Exclusive Colors Remy Human Hair Topper by Jon Renau, worn over the part, adds volume to medium-length hair styles. The design is hand tied using French knotting, a superior knotting technique that creates the most natural appearance possible as well as optimal comfort. This wig comes in nine shades and is super simple to wear and match to your natural hair. It also comes in rooted color options, adding dimension for an even more natural look!

Raquel Welch Topper

Product shown is Indulgence by Raquel Welch

Effortlessly elegant, this top-of-head piece provides fuller volume on top. Softly tapered layers instantly add extra length, fullness and coverage where needed. This piece seamlessly blends in with your own hair, with the luxury of 100% certified authentic Remy human hair. For the perfect warm tones and highlights, try it in Glazed Cinnamon.


Beautiful Blending

Product shown is Vario by Ellen Wille

Vario by Ellen Wille, from the Prime Power Collection, features a finely crafted hand tied base that allows you to change the parting in any direction. This topper is so lightweight, you'll forget you're even wearing it! This is the one I would suggest for first time hair topper wearers with shoulder length natural hair. It's incredibly chic, and has just the right amount of volume to keep you turning heads all day long!