4 Ways to Wear Braids

January 12, 2018

Boho Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are beautifully boho-chic, but they scare off many of you because they seem way harder than they actually are! Here is a step-by-step guide to how you can get this stunning braid style. Start by pulling your hair back into a ponytail and split it into two sections. Grab a small section of the outside part of the left ponytail and pull it across the left side and group with the right ponytail. Then separate a section of hair on the outside of the right ponytail and pull it across the right side and group with the left ponytail. Repeat these steps, alternating from left to right side, until you’ve almost reached the bottom. Secure the ends with an elastic and then gently tug at the strands of the fishtail to create a loose look. Pull out some strands to frame your face, and you’ve finally achieved the gorgeous boho fishtail braid you thought you never could!

Braided Headband

For you ladies wanting to leave your hair down but glam up your normal ‘do, try this braided headband hairstyle! Braided headbands can be a pain to learn, so save yourself the time and effort and use our pre-braided headbands instead! You can curl or straighten your hair and then put in one of our braided headband pieces, and show your personality with many different gorgeous looks.

Undone Side Braid

This romantic and whimsical style is perfect for date night, brunch with your girls, or even a casual day out on the town! Start by parting your hair on the side and give the top a tease to add body and volume. Gather all of your hair over to one side (the larger side of your part), and then do a three-strand braid down to your ends. Secure the braid with an elastic, and then create a messy “undone” look by pulling strands out around your face and loosening the braid with your fingers. Curl the pieces you have pulled out and you’ve created the perfect playful undone side braid.

Ponytail Braid

Take your normal ponytail to the next level by transforming it into a stunning braided pony! Start by giving your hair a little tease at the top and then comb back your hair into a high ponytail. Do a typical 3 strand braid on your ponytail all the way down to the ends, and lightly pull at the braid to create a loose thicker braid. If you feel your ponytail isn’t long enough for this style, don’t rule it out just yet! Try one of our ponytail pieces, like the Wodka by Ellen Wille, to give your hair that necessary gorgeous length. The best part is you can dress this style up or down so it can be worn for any occasion!