5 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions Now!

November 07, 2017

If you've been on the fence about getting hair extensions, we've got not one...but five reasons that you should get them now! Extensions work wonders in so many ways, so here are 5 of the many benefits they provide: 

1. Length: Hair can take what seems like forever to grow, so why wait? If you are one of the many who feel like your hair won’t grow past a certain length, then extensions are the perfect solution for you. Don’t wait years for your hair to get to the length you want it, with our gorgeous clip-in hair extensions you can get those long locks in minutes! Also, we all have had that nightmare where our hair stylist chops all of our hair off....but for many people this nightmare has unfortunately become a reality. If you’ve gotten a bad haircut, don’t fret because extensions can save your hair and your confidence too! Use our clip-in hair extensions to salvage your hairstyle until your bad haircut grows back out to how you like it. 

2. Volume: Thin and limp hair definitely isn’t something girls dream of, but many women struggle with this issue. We know how hard it can be to get flat hair to appear thicker with more volume. Hair extensions are the easiest solution to this common issue. Not only do they add length, but they make your hair appear naturally thicker and overall more voluptuous! 

3. Damage-free: Save your natural hair from harsh chemicals and dyes by using hair extensions as a healthier alternative. Instead of constantly dying your natural hair, simply  use your extensions to achieve new styles and colors without all of the harmful effects. Also, if your hair needs more than just a trim because your ends are extremely dead or fried, then you don't have to be afraid of cutting it all off! Extensions will allow you to keep the length you love while still allowing your natural hair to grow and become healthier and stronger. 

4. Color: Ombres, highlights, balayage…oh my! I'm sure all of these color techniques are flooding your Pinterest and social media. If you’re too nervous to take the dye to your real hair, try using extensions to achieve these gorgeous color styles instead! Use different colored extensions, such as the 18" Human Hair Highlight Extensions by hairdo, to achieve the stunning highlights you've been dying to get. You can even get that gorgeous ombre trend, all without having to commit to anything! 


5. Versatility: Hair extensions give you the freedom to change up your styles on a whim! Go from short and sweet to long and luxurious, or try a sleek bun one day and a lovely pony the next...the options are endless. Extensions give you so much versatility and creativity to create a ton of different gorgeous hairstyles for every day of the week. The best part is, it's so easy and quick to do! 


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