Are Hair Extensions Easy to See?

October 03, 2018

Hair extensions are one of the most useful style tools today. From everyday consumers to celebrities, anyone can use extensions to upgrade their look easily and with little to no effort. The best part is that with a few simple tricks, no one will ever even know you're wearing them!



Whether you are looking for something colorful, length, or some extra volume, extensions are the first place I would suggest many people start. If you are worried about choosing colors, my suggestion is always to go a bit lighter than darker. Lighter colors are easier to blend by far and typically extensions are done in an ombre or a gradient which also aids in the natural appearance. But there is so much more to extensions than just that, below are some further details and a wealth of information can be found right here on this site for more specific questions.

It is Essential To Choose The Right Hair Extensions For Your Hair

The kind of extensions you should get are all dependent upon the kind of look you are going for. If you want them to look natural, the extensions should blend with your natural hair. Conversely, if you want them to be bold, then find the brightest colors you can for that unique pop of color. For a showing stopping look, I love Easilities Clip-In Color Extensions.



Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you are going for that natural look, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect place to start. They are simple to use, take little to no time to style, and can elevate your look in so many ways. Though I have heard many people say that clip-ins aren’t natural, I would disagree. It is all based on how you “install” them, if you will. The most important thing is to blend the extensions with the new hair. Start in sections (typically extensions come in bundles of 8 or 10) and make sure you leave enough hair on top of your head to hide any clips. Another common misconception is the size of clips. The clips are actually very small and often color-matched to the extensions so you don't have to worry about them making an unwanted appearance.

Ponytail Extensions



My first experience with buying any sort of hair extension was a ponytail for a theater show I was in. It was amazing. It isn’t just easy to “install” (wraps around small buns or natural hair with a string that is easily hidden) but it also provides volume, length, and an easy style that anyone can do it. Anyone who is worried about not being able to use extensions or a wig should start with the ponytail and before you know it you have crazy color extensions you are rocking on the regular.