Have the Best of Both Worlds With Extensions & Wigs

February 13, 2018


Being indecisive is just in our nature. Long hair or short hair is the ultimate question we teeter back and forth with when trying to decide what to do with our hair next. But, why make a lasting decision on a temporary desire? With hair extensions and wigs you can have short hair today and long hair tomorrow, in that order. Our hair holds the power to transform our style and mood, that’s why short wigs for women with longer hair feel sexier and bolder in a shorter do. The long hair trends, worn by our favorite celebs, have inspired extra long hair styles from soft waves to bone straight hair do’s. Whether you want to go short or long the decision doesn’t have to be a hard one; be at peace with the fact that all it takes is hair extensions or a wig to get a longer or shorter style anytime you want.

Match Your Color

When looking for hair extensions to create a long hairstyle it’s important to consider the quality and the texture. Blending short hair with long extensions is easiest when you go with a similar curl pattern and thickness that is closest to your natural hair texture. Luckily, there is a vast selection of hair extensions to choose from ranging from silky smooth hair to kinky curly locks. Finding quality and a good match of texture is important, but blending short hair with long extensions relies on the actual placement of the extensions. That is why it is important to take the time to part the hair evenly in order to place the extensions properly and flat to create the most seamless blend between your natural hair and your extensions. Of course when blending your hair with extensions you want to make sure you are styling the extensions accordingly. It is always better to style the extensions to match your natural hair than vice versa. So if your hair has a natural wave to it you can just add a few braids in the hair extensions the night before you wear them, and have the perfect long soft waves hairstyle in just a few minutes.

Blending Short Hair With Long Extensions | extensions.com

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Go Short or Long 

Shorts wigs for women are like the perfect accessory to any outfit. Shorter styles can really bring out a different side in us, especially for those who are so used to longer hair. With long hair trends swirling around, it can be really refreshing to go with a shorter style for a change. Going with a short wig not only transforms your look, but it gives you a bold new style without the long-term commitment of a big chop. That’s why anyone with long hair, who has been thinking about going shorter, should opt for a short wig instead so that a long or short style can always be in your hands and on your time. 

Short Wigs for Women | Extensions.com

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When it comes to hair, having numerous options is far better then being stuck to only a few different hairstyles because of length. Getting longer hair doesn’t have to take months and going shorter doesn’t have to be a nail biting decision. So, stop wondering what you should do with your hair next; add some length with extensions, wear your natural hair out, or throw on a short wig.

You’ll be happy to have the access to the best of both worlds!