Can You Sleep in Hair Extensions?

July 19, 2018

Sleepovers were a staple in my high school and college life - though in college we called them “study cram sessions”; not that much studying actually got done. However, one of these get-togethers sticks out in my memory more than the others. My best friend had fallen asleep and it was probably two in the morning, so I was headed off to sleep myself after finishing an essay. I woke up in the morning to my friend furiously googling to see if it was okay to sleep in the extensions she had put in the morning before. We spent the next hour trying to figure out if it was safe or not. Once we discovered that it was safe, we found a checklist and some important things to keep in mind to keep your hair looking nice overnight.


Sleeping in Hair Extensions


Bedtime and Extensions

No matter what kind of extensions you are wearing - human, synthetic, tape hair extensions, clip ins, etc.- the advice and process remains the same no matter what is securing the extension to your natural hair.


Before your head hits the pillow…

Always, always, always, always brush your extensions before you go to sleep every night. This will not only remove any tangles, but also breakup and remove any product build up from the day. After that there is one other step just to check the extensions before you drift off to dreamland.

Carefully inspect your roots for any knots or tangles that may be causing unnecessary strain on your hair. No matter the type of bond you are using, this inspection process should be a part of your daily routine.

While you are sleeping…

  1. Best option for sleeping with hair extensions, is to braid your hair with a medium tightness - so as not to cause any pulling but to still keep it secure through the night.

  1. A braid will prevent your hair extensions from moving around causing the bonds to tangle - keeping your extensions nicer longer and keeping your natural hair healthy and free from breakage.

  1. A braid will reduce friction on the mid lengths and ends of the hair as you move in your sleep - this can also be aided through the use of a satin or silk pillowcase - making the hair smoother and easier to brush in the morning.

When you remove braid when you wake up, you will be surprised just how well your hair stayed. Sleeping in the braid will result in easy to brush hair, that is in no way tangled and often with a soft wave that is ready to wear pretty much as soon as you brush it out.

One other thing that you need to keep in mind is that extensions get dry incredibly quick; so at least once a week, maybe more depending on your extensions and how much product you are using, you should be using an intensive nighttime treatment to keep your extensions healthier longer. Below is a method I know works well.


5 Steps to Conditioned Hair

  1. As previously stated, be sure you have brushed your hair thoroughly to remove knots, tangles, and any excess product buildup.
  2. Double check your bonds.
  3. Apply a conditioner specific for the type of extensions you are using from the mid length to the ends of your extensions; avoiding the bonds as not to weaken their hold.
  4. Braid the extensions to keep them secure, prevent tangling, and to keep your hair back and out of your face.
  5. And then it’s time to lay your head down and sleep. You will remove the braid in the morning and wash the extensions as normal to remove the conditioner and get them ready for the day!

Intensive Recovery Mask

We love the Intensive Recovery Mask by Beautimark!

Have you ever slept in your hair extensions?

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