Care For Your Long Hair

January 24, 2018

Long hair is a blessing that many women would die to have, so if you’re one of the lucky ones with gorgeous long locks, make sure you’re taking proper care of them! Here are some of the most important care tips & tricks for all of you long-haired babes:

Coconut Oil

This stuff is a secret weapon for your hair! Coconut oil has so many benefits and can improve your long hair in many different ways. First and foremost coconut oil stimulates hair growth keeping your long, gorgeous locks healthy and growing. It is also an incredible moisturizer because it targets your dry hair and boosts its shine, luster, and softness. Not only does coconut oil restore dry hair, but it prevents any further breakage and split ends. If you haven’t already noticed, coconut oil is a hero for your hair and should be a necessity in your hair routine to keep your long hair looking its best!


Wash your Hair Properly

I bet many of you are washing your hair one time when you take a shower, because that’s what you’re supposed to do right? Wrong. Your hair actually benefits from washing your hair not one but two times. The first wash eliminates all of the dirt and residue built up on your scalp, and the second round actually cleanses your scalp and hair. Another common misconception is that we should be shampooing our entire hair, but in reality we only need to be washing our scalp. This is because the scalp is the region where all of the buildup of dirt and oil occurs. Massage your shampoo gently into your scalp, rinse, and then only use your conditioner on the bottom length of your hair. Pro tip: try and keep the temperature of your water on the cooler side because extremely hot water on your scalp will dry out your hair. Not only is the way you wash your hair important, but the products you do it with are too. Look for products that contain natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil, and even jojoba oil. Make sure you are also using proper products on your extensions as well! You should be using a shampoo and conditioner that is designed for the specific type of alternative hair, we recommend using our BeautiMark Care Kits for the best results. 


Protect from Heat

We all know heat protectant is a vital step in our hair care routine, but many of us still neglect to use it. Heat protectant is extremely important to avoid damaging your hair because it acts as a barrier from the harmful heat. Not only should you be using protectants on your bio hair, but your alternative hair deserves to be treated the same way! Use our Heat Treat Thermal Spray by Jon Renau on all of your pieces to protect your styles and provide a clean release from hot iron tools.


Get the Right Hairbrush

You know that little tool you use everyday for a few seconds to comb out your hair? Well it’s more important than you may realize! When you have long hair it is crucial that you are using a hairbrush that smooths out your hair shaft rather than breaking it. We suggest trying a wet or boar bristle brush for the best results! The bristles on the wet brush are flexible and bend around knots and tangles to reduce the stress brushing puts on the hair. Natural fiber brushes, such as the boar bristle brush, reduces friction as you brush to minimize any knots and breakage. Pro tip: when your hair is wet you should only be using a wide-tooth comb like the Hair Trix by BeautiMark.


Hydrate your Hair

Moisturizers can not only increase the strength and healthiness of your hair, but they can also rejuvenate and bring damaged hair back to life. With the amount of harm and stress we put on our hair, it's no surprise that it lashes back at us by being dry and brittle. Deep conditioning treatments restore that lost moisture in your hair and revamp its shine and silkiness. Your extensions are craving this moisture just as much as your normal hair, so don’t forget to use deep conditioning masks on them too! Try our Intensive Recovery Mask by BeautiMark to nourish and strengthen your extensions.