Celebrity Hair Glow-Ups Over Time!

March 07, 2019

Feeling insecure about your current hairdo? You’re not the only one. Though we tend to put them on a pedestal, most celebrities have felt exactly the same way. Even the most beautiful, poised celebrity had an awkward hair-styling stage at some point. They just have more time, money, and people to help them cultivate the transformation they’ve been dreaming of. And celebrity hair glow-ups are the perfect illustration of how just a little curl, soft bang, layered cut, or extra length can completely transform your day-to-day look for the better. You simply need to take the time (and get the right advice) to learn what hairstyle best flatters you!

And despite how it may seem, most glow-ups don’t happen overnight. So check out these celebrities’ jaw-dropping transformations, and learn how you can experiment with a similar Hollywood look for yourself! Who knows, maybe it’ll be the look you need for your own glow-up!

Taylor Swift Hairstyles


Taylor Swift Hair

Personally, I love the before and after photos on this one—but there’s no question that the change here is drastic. Swift ditched her trademark curls for a dark, edgy bob with long, full bangs, and it works. And her new look emphasizes what wasn’t working for her with her old hairstyle: the long, curly locks and side bang made her forehead look too long, and failed to highlight some of her best facial features.


Taylor Swift Hairstyle

If you’d like to recreate this look for yourself, Modern Flair and Sleek & Chic are a safe bet. Modern Flair is a heat-friendly wig that can be styled curled or straight, and offers a similar long, full bang for concealing a longer forehead. If you’re more looking to emulate Taylor’s edgy feel, try Sleek & Chic: this textured, layered bob and its long side-swept bangs is sure to turn heads!

Emma Watson Hair Before and After


Emma Watson Hair

If anyone knows how to glow-up, it’s Emma Watson. While long, straight locks and wispy side bangs are 100% cute on an awkward teen, that same look doesn’t always translate well into adulthood. So Watson went the route of edgy glam!


Emma Watson Hairstyle

Though her hair is much shorter than in her younger years, she makes the most of her length here with slicked back hair and a textured updo lightly weaved together for a soft, flawless look.
Extensions can be a huge help when crafting an updo. Easivolume’s fourteen inch extensions are a great choice: not too long with light waves, these human hair extensions add volume, seamless coverage, and endless styling possibilities.

Gwen Stefani Hair Transformation


Gwen Stefani Hair

Talk about transformation. Gwen Stefani had a lot going on in the late ‘90s—hot pink hair, braces, and an electrifying wardrobe. These days, Stefani is platinum blonde with long, layered waves artfully styled away from her face.


Gwen Stefani 2019

And as stunning as she looks, Stefani’s hairstyle isn’t too hard to recreate! If you’re looking for a wig, Soft Waves offers many of the same feminine qualities. Plus, it’s heat-friendly, so you can re-style the synthetic wig if you’re getting tired of wearing the same look. For a hair topper to give you volume on your outer layers, go with EasiCrown HH 18inch. It features the same center-part style—not to mention perfect crown coverage. It’s also made of 100% Remy human hair, so you can trust this topper will have you styling like Stefani for as long as you like!