Clip-in Bangs Instead of a New Hair Cut!

May 09, 2019

Cutting your hair can be a defining moment in your life. Many people treat a new hair style as a way to start fresh by changing up their look. Even if you’re not using your hair to document a life-changing chapter in your life, cutting a giant portion of your hair is scary. Committing to an abrasive haircut, such as bangs, can be intimidating. If you’ve never had bangs, this dramatic switch could be bad if you end up not liking the end results.

Snap Bangs

Fringe Flair Clip In Bangs by Amore

...So how do you decide whether or not to make the big chop?

The best way to try out a hair style as distinctive as bangs is to try extensions. Hair Extensions offers clip-in bangs so that you can try bangs on for size without committing to a new hair cut. They come in different lengths, styles, colors, and materials so that the hair matches you perfectly. Check out some of our favorite bang extensions that will give you that daring new look without the commitment!

Try Snap-Bangs before Cutting a Hair Cut!

Snap Bangs by Vivica Fox

Snap Bangs by Vivica Fox

Like we said, a hair cut as drastic as bangs can be daunting. Instead, try out these different types of bang extensions:

Side Fringe: The Full Sweeping Side Fringe by Christie Brinkley is perfect for framing your face. It’s a modern look and looks great on any face shape. It’s meant to lay flat along your hairline for an effortless new look. It’s not too full or heavy, so that your new sweeping bang style looks and feels natural. It can even be worn on the left or the right!

Human Hair Bang: These clip-in bangs come in over ten different colors! Human Hair Bang by Raquel Welch is face framing bang that consists of 7" long real human hair. It has a monofilament top, which means you can style these bangs in virtually any way you choose.

Mono Top by Raquel Welch: This synthetic piece is known as the Chameleon because of its monofilament top. The seamless clip-in extension allows the wearer to create versatility with their bang style choice while the pressure sensitive clips holds them in place.

Best Selling Clip-In Bangs

Here are the top rated bang extensions from Extensions.com!

easiFringe: Easily our best-selling bangs due to its affordability and color variety! The easiFringe is a heat resistant clip-in bang that adds volume while delicately framing your face. The monofilament top helps give the appearance of your natural scalp, and also helps to rearrange the hairs in any style you choose.

 Clip In Bangs by Jon Renau
easifringe Clip In Bangs by Jon Renau

easiFringe Remy: The only difference here is that these bangs are made out of 100% real Remy human hair! Along with the added benefits of the mono top and heat resistance, this wig has a unique base size which measures 6 ½" x 3 ¼”.


Clip-In Bangs: These affordable hair pieces by Hairdo are the perfect way to give you a new look without committing to a new hair cut. They’re lightweight, easy to install, and come in any color to match your hair.