Coachella Hair

June 27, 2018

Coachella Hair

Coachella Music and Arts Festival is known worldwide not only for the music and fashion... but for the hairstyles as well! Celebrities and instagram stars can be seen rocking tight braids, colorful extensions, and everything in between. While the Coachella season has come and gone, the intricate and beautiful hair styles seen there have given us inspiration that carries over into all summer! Here are a few of our favorite Coachella-inspired trends that you can apply to your everyday summer style!


Hats For Festival Hair


When dancing around in the summer heat, especially in the Colorado desert where Coachella is located, hats are a perfect option for hair that might get sweaty and dull. Hats look stylish, but they serve a functional purpose as well! They will protect your skin and hair from harmful UV rays that can cause damage and age you faster. Clip in some long extensions to give your hair more body for a look that even the celebrities will be envious of. 


Clip-in Color!

Clip-In Color Extensions

Get easy, colorful, festival-inspired hair with 16" Human Hair Extension Strips by Hairdo

Nothing stands out more at events like Coachella than COLOR! While it may be tempting to bleach strips of your own hair for a more permanent pop of color in your hairstyle, there's an even better option available to us nowadays. Clip in color extensions offer a bold pop of color that can be clipped in whenever you want! This way, you can change colors and styles as quick as you change your mind! It's simple, easy, and beautiful. Use one, or mix and match for a look that will draw everyone's attention straight to you! We love the 16" Human Hair Extension Strips by Hairdo.


Lilac Frost Wig

Get the Lilac Look with Lilac Frost Wig by Hairdo! 


What better way to ensure your hairstyle stays flawless than by wearing a synthetic wig that will NEVER lose its' style?! With synthetic wigs, the hair fibers are created in a way that allows the style to never fall. Whether you are dancing in the sun, rain, wind, or a mixture of the three, you don't have to worry about your hair style falling. Hairdo offers fun colors, such as the beautiful Lilac Frost, so you can have flawless and colorful hairstyles just like the celebrities at Coachella. Check out Hairdo's colorful wigs for inspiration for your HAIRspiration!


Who says that Coachella hair is only for the rich and famous? You can have it whenever you want... all year round! What's your favorite hairstyle from this years Coachella Festival?

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