Colored Hair Extensions You'll Love

March 21, 2019

Oh boy, is it getting hot in here? Because colored hair extensions are on fire right now! Lately, millennials and celebrities have been bringing back this early 2000s fashion. Whether you want just a pop of color, or you want to add some vibrancy to your ends, Wig Extension has the most vivacious and colorful extensions on the market.

Want to see some of the internet’s best hair extensions? Try out these playful add-ons to make a day at the office not so boring:

Clip-In Colored Extensions Strips

These are the easiest and most popular colored hair extensions that we provide. They are made at a maximum length of 16-inches so that you can cut and style these to match your current hairdo. These clip-in strips come in all kinds of fantasy colors, giving you the freedom to play around with color without the commitment.

Colored Extensions

Product shown is 16" Human Hair Clip in Color Strips by hairdo


They come in single strands and are made up of 100% human hair! This feature enables these colors to blend in flawlessly to your natural hair, giving you that extra pop in exactly the right way.

For less than $10, these affordable extensions are light-weight and easy to apply. Just snap them into your hair, and you’re ready to go! They are just as easy to remove and come in different shades of red, pink, purple, and blue.


Colored Ponytail Hairpiece


Not ready to be quite so bold? Our Color Splash Pony is one of our best hair extensions. We call it the “Social Media Star” look. It now comes in three different colors, all with a maximum length of 23-inches. First, choose your natural hair tone (from bleach blonde to jet black), and then decide what splash of color you want to incorporate into your natural look. The ends of our pony’s are highlighted and dip-dyed in brilliant colors that give you the most subtle of styles.

Choose from our Dark Purple, Denim Blue, or Red Wine Color Splash Pony collection to get that rocker-chick vibe. These beauties are are made with Tru2Life Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair strands that can be used with styling tools up to 350˚F/ 180˚C.

Straight Color Extensions

 Purple Hair Extensions
Product shown is 23" Straight Clip-In Color Extension

This six-piece kit is the best way to add some color into your style. These are seamless clip-in extensions that come in a standard 23-inch length. You can use one or multiple colors to play up your look for a night out— or even at the office! You can opt to get subtle pastel colors such as our delicate Pink Frost or the timid Ice Violet extensions. We also have the more audacious colored hair extensions such as Berry Sorbet, which is a deep purple hue. Or we have the Stormy Blue, which demonstrates the perfect mixture of dark and vibrant. We also have a Chrome Mist silver-based extension that pairs best with dark hair.

The Straight Color Extension are made with Tru2Life Heat-Friendly Synthetic Hair strands that can be flat ironed, curled, or blown dry using thermal styling tools up to 350˚F/ 180˚C.



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