Date Night Hair. Hair Do's That You Cant Mess Up!

February 05, 2017

Date Night Hair.  Make it an Evening You Can't Forget!

Going out on the town gives you the perfect opportunity to get pretty from head to toe. A great hairdo is truly more important than that little black dress!  Perfect outfit, perfect makeup, now...how to get the perfect hair style? Check out these ideas for inspiration before you head out!

 The Fancy Pony

We are definitely not talking your work-out pony or a grocery store scrunchie hair.  A posh pony can make the most elegant hair style if you do it right...but it is nearly impossible to get that full gorgeous look without a little help. A clip-in, wrap-around pony is the perfect accessory for giving you a stunning pony to work with.  You can leave it down low or swing it up for a top of the head messy bun.... clip in some bangs to add drama to the look.  flawless!


Clip In Perfect Hair to Last All Night!

Clip In Hair Extensions work well for almost everyone!  So Maybe your In the mood for loose and casual but still want to wow? Try clip in hair pieces to lengthen or just to add lots of volume.  

All clip-in hair is so easy to use and you can add as much or little you like to get your hair to look just the way you want!


Most Important Tip:   Make sure you focus on keeping it natural looking.  

Two Things to Remember:

1. Match the texture of your new extensions to your hair.
2. Don't apply the extensions above the top of your ear line.

Nothing screams "hair extensions" like your extensions clip section showing through to the top your natural hair or having two different textures going on! Extensions are easy to take control of and will make all the difference in the world!



Braids + Bangs = Bam!


Braids and Bangs are a very small way to make a big impact on your look.  

Bangs or Fringe have always been a fashion statement. But committing to the cut of bangs and the pain of growing them out when you want a change (and you will!) is too much for most of us. So...clip them in for the night. What a difference they make on your look!

Braids are EVERYWHERE. And we just think they are everything!  Whether you go for a large statement piece braid or just accent your style with a little braid here and there...There are some great choices if you are braid challenged like many of us! Braid bands are a great accessory to glam up even the most casual looks. Pair it with a bum...and voila! You have instant chic!







Just like with any hair piece you are adding to your hair, remember the most important thing to get right: make sure you are matching or blending your hair piece or extensions very well to your natural hair. This will just add to your confidence and security








The Up Do is a Total Winner


An Updo hair style is a classic move for date night! Predictable...yes, but you can add some spice so easily by adding a simple little hair wrap to your own bun...or go big by adding in a wrap around ponytail and work the bun from there!  Either way...an updo can give you that perfect finishing touch!

Who doesn't want to rock the perfect bun?  Wear it high or down low...A great hair bun is the easiest way to go from casual to cocktail... or clubbing! Wearing your bun low works best for a more on trend look if it isn't so perfect and smooth. Give it a slightly messy look for the "Yeah...I don't really try but I'm totally chic!" look!

So have we inspired you?  Hopefully you connected with at least one of these looks and will try it on your next night out!  Maybe you can make up a reason to have a night out just to play with your styles. Easy to do...impossible to mess up!

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Let us know your favorite Date Night tricks with Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces below!