Different Ways To Wear Bold Hair Extensions

August 11, 2018

Everyone knows that extensions are a great way to change the style, look, or thickness of your hair without having to work to hard, or make long-term commitments, particularly with clip-ins! While the majority of people prefer natural tones extensions to add volume to their hair, many people love to use boldly colored extensions to take their look to another level.



Bold and Bright Hair Extension Styles

 Styling Brightly Colored Hair Extensions

Are you interested in adding bright hair extensions to your collection? If so, these 3 tips will be essential in your style arsenal! If you don't currently have any bright extensions, check out these 16" easiLites or these 16" Human Hair Clip In Color Strips!


Space Buns


This trendy hair style provides a great opportunity to incorporate bold colors into your look. Simply clip your extensions on either side of your head to blend into the buns!



Another great way to incorporate a pop of color into your style is to work with braids. You can chose to keep the color in one section of the braid for the boldest approach, or you can weave them through all three sections for a soft spray of bright color throughout the braid.


Classic Sleek Ponytail

Sleek Ponytail With Bold Hair Extensions


To add a fun twist to your ponytail, straighten your hair into it’s sleekest state, include your colored hair extension on either side of the ponytail, or on the bottom. (For best results, avoid the top of the ponytail so that you don’t get a ‘skunk tail’ effect!)



Let us know your favorite ways to style colored extensions in the comment section below!