FALL in Love with Hair Care

September 07, 2017

Get ready for autumn and FALL in love with hair care!

The weather is getting gloomy soon, and you should prepare! Not only by stacking your wardrobe with comfy sweaters, but also by giving your hair some much needed extra attention after all the straining sunbathing and pool-diving you have been up to during the summer.

Especially when it’s getting colder, your hair is in need of moisture, which is why choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is as important as ever. When analyzing the ingredients in different hair products, try to look for natural oils like Olive, Avocado and Nut Oils. Not only are they healthy to use for cooking your favorite seasonal dishes, but they also help give your locks that healthy strength and glow.

In terms of color change, summer is all about the beach blonde highlights and mermaid-ombré. On the other hand, in fall, you should consider changing with the weather and switch to darker, warmer colors like brown, chestnut, hazel or even an auburn! There is no need to completely color your entire hair though! Try out some extensions to adapt to the season and test out your new look.

Although summer and it’s humid temperatures have left you with frizzy, untamable hair, the decrease of humidity that occurs in cooler weather could leave you with flat, boring, and deflated hair. You can prevent this by investing in a reliable volumizer and some lightweight hairspray to keep your style in tact.

With these tips, you are sure to glow during the upcoming season, and are ready to take the first sip of that seasonal latté in style.