Get Insta-Ready Beach Hair In Seconds With Extensions

June 10, 2019

Summer is here and it’s time for beach waves! After a long day at the beach, your hair gets that effortless wave, thanks to a combination of sea salt and sunshine. Even if you don’t have plans to hit the beach, you undoubtedly still want that look. Sure, you can achieve it at home. Sea salt sprays exist, after all. Yes, you can stand in front of the mirror with your curling iron and fake a natural beach wave.

 Long Wavy Hair Extensions

What’s even easier than a spray and heat tools? Hair extensions! In minutes, your hair is Insta-ready.  Your Instagram feed is probably full of gorgeous Instagram influencers with to-die-for hair. A quick scroll reveals perfect waves upon perfect waves. Thanks to extensions, you can get that Instagram look too! In mere minutes, you can achieve the same enviable waves. You won’t even need a filter!

Best Wavy Hair Extensions

23” Wavy Extension by hairdo

 Long Hair Extensions

Hairdo just knows what it’s doing when it comes to clip in hair extensions. This 23” extension gives you beach waves straight out of your Instagram feed. All you need to do is secure 7 pressure sensitive clips to the crown of your head. We love these extensions and you will too. But don’t take my word for it. The customer reviews speak for themselves. This extension piece is seamless and blends right into your own natural hair. Plus, for those with thin locks, the volume added is amazing. A customer review raves she wears these hairdo extensions every day and she “never has a bad hair day.” Isn’t it time you stopped having bad hair days too?


20” Invisible Extension by hairdo

Long Blonde Clip In Hair Extensions

What’s even easier than clip-in extensions? This halo extension piece! If you aren’t familiar with halo extensions, they are so easy. The extension is attached to a thin piece of rubber that you slip on your head just like a headband. You hide the halo under your own hair. Plenty of ladies love the halo method. Clips can be uncomfortable for some. The non-slip halo piece is easy to put in and easy to slip off in seconds. The piece is straight at first, but the Tru2Life fibers are heat-friendly. Break out that curling iron!

Leyla Milani Hair Extensions

24” Clip In Remy Hair Extensions by Leyla Milani

 Clip In Human Hair Extensions

Go big or go home! Big hair, that is. If you like a touch of luxury in your life, allow me to introduce you to Leyla Milani. Milani is an international supermodel who knows a thing or two about hair. In fact, she started her own hair care line after experiencing her own hair styling issues in her career. These 24” clip in extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, meaning all cuticles are intact. Remy is the gold standard in hairpieces so you can be assured of its quality. This kit includes 7 pieces that come together to give you dreamy volume and length.