Hair Extension Wedding UpDos

February 20, 2018

The church bells are ringing, the doves are cooing, everything is set as you are about to walk down the aisle. But all of a sudden when you step out of the car, the wind blows and your perfectly straightened hair is now a mane of tangles and knots. Seeing the faces of your family and friends as you stand in the lawn in front of the venue, you can feel tears welling up in your eyes.

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Now, let’s roll back a few hours. You are getting ready, and one of your bridesmaids brings you her phone playing the weather report: the forecast has changed from calm day to blustery wind storm. The woman doing your hair has a few ideas of how to create a flawless updo to keep your hair in check with this recent change in forecast.

Though this situation may be a worst case scenario for any woman, there should always be a back-up plans in place for any eventuality that may occur. I am at the age where many of my friends are getting married or are in the process of planning their weddings, so I have seen every book, magazine and article about wedding hair options. After helping friends try these many different looks, there are three that I have found to be good standbys, backups or even planned wedding hairstyles.

Bunned UpDo

For my friend who has short hair but didn’t want to be lost in veil and lose the appearance of hair, a stylist we saw recommended that we grab a bun hair piece to give her hair a lift and a boost, but still keeps the hair off of her neck - as that was the main reason she cut it all off in the first place. One of the best options that we found is this hairpiece here. This piece is easy to use and is something that even she could insert so that she could save a little bit of money on her wedding day expenses.

Laced Ponytail

Ponytails are seeming to be all the rage again, but what happens if you don’t have a lot of hair? My sister and I both have very thin hair, so when she was going to look at veils, there wasn’t enough hair to clip the veil into. Even a ponytail - her preferred wedding day hair - there wasn’t enough for it to hold onto. However, after working with my other friend, I though maybe if we could find a hairpiece to attach to her ponytail to give it a bit more volume and mass, then maybe she could keep the style she liked and get the veil she wanted. After a bunch of trying on and searching we found the best ponytail clip that gives her everything she was looking for. Click here to see the piece we chose. We also took some lace that matched the veil - for during the reception - and wrapped it around and through the ponytail to give it a bit more flair.

Textured UpDo

As I mentioned, I have very thin hair. When we were preparing for my sister’s wedding, she also wanted myself and the other bridesmaids to have a “half-updo” but I didn’t have enough hair to make it look anything but flat. So in order to get the desired volume, I got some hair extension clip ins in order to give my hair more volume and just overall body. They were easy to install, they felt natural and lightweight and through the whole night, I barely noticed that they were there. Here is the link to what I used.

I hope these tips can help you on your journey looking to find that perfect wedding updo; or on your updo journey as you strive to elevate and pursue greater style avenues.

How are you using hair extensions to change up your look?