Hair to Dye For... New Color Trend For Hair!

February 06, 2017

Making a statement usually means doing something drastic or to be obvious. That takes some commitment! But what if you could do that without the permanent commitment? The big trend, which seems to never completely go away, is colorful hair.  This season it seems to be making a splash across all ages and types. Although platinum silver has been leading the pack, colors from all over the spectrum are big this year. Full color, ombre, and simple streaks are everywhere! But the chemical beating your hair has to take to get these cool wild colors is a “no go” for most of us. 

Colored Hair Trend for Hair Extensions or Wigs

Clearly you can get longer fuller hair in a snap with clip in hair extensions, why not cool fun colors tooAdding chemical-free color to your hair is so easy now and hair extensions are an easy fix.  The latest hot color trend?...Wigs!   


Colored wigs are the ultimate dramatic hair accessory and not just for Halloween anymore. With so many great colors to rock this spring and summer it will be hard to choose!  Maybe you don’t have to…Here are some of our favorites:


Easi lites human hair clip in color extensions

Straight Up Clip In Hair Extensions (16” clip in color by easihair)

With over a dozen different colors to choose from,...add wow to any look.  Go totally Kardashian and choose a different color each week if you like! The point is, you now have the versatility to add colors to your hair with a variety of hues. 

Maybe you want to take the plunge and make that chemical commitment. It is a big step! Why not get a good idea about how your hair would look with different colors by adding fun colored extensions or a wig? Now you know what you will look like and have a better feeling about doing something more permanent in the future. Smart! 

Platinum hair first made its way to the hit list last year, but in 2017, it is a white-hot trend with no sign of stopping! If you want to make a bold beautiful statement with your hair, go with this fun trend in colored hair. It is a bold and trendy fashion statement--Go for it!   

Tip:  For the best look, make sure you incorporate darker roots to keep your look from looking costumey.  





Berry... Berry... Beautiful  Color! 

One of our absolute favorite colors this year: Midnight Berry or Blackberry.  This color goes by a few names, but it is a gorgeous mash up of burgundy and a rich purple! This color compliments most any skin tone and looks great sprinkled in with extensions or a full color look. 


Gorgeous Vibrant Reds Are All The Rage.

red color trend for hair extensions and wigs


Celebs all over are rocking red in every shade. This is a great go-to color to make your mark!

Extensions in red look great against any hair color…But we love a great red wig! Go wild with a bright red or be a little more subtle in a vibrant auburn.  The fact is... whether it is a little or a lot, adding color is always a great way to spice up your look.


You can’t talk about fun colors for hair without talking about the color PURPLE! Purple is royally cool. A pop of this color will add a fresh trendy look to any style. 

Katy Perry does it right with all over purple locks, but if you can’t get yourself to take the all-over purple plunge…extensions are the way to get your cake and eat it too! 


Wanna go with a perfect fashion princess look?  Go Lilac!  This ethereal color is absolutely gorgeous and is understated as candy-colored hair goes!  If girly with an edgy twist is the goal… Lilac is way to do it.   




So change up your color (and length) as often as you change your mind!  Why not?  Celebs have made it uber easy to go from one color to the next without batting an eyelash;)   And... the great thing about clipping in color or wearing a colored wig is you are never going to damage your hair.  All you need is a few minutes to apply your cool wild color and have hair to die for without having to dye for it! 

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