Haunted Hairdos

October 25, 2017

Halloween is right around the corner and we’ve got the perfect hairstyles that you’ll be BATTY for. If you’re needing a hairdo to match your SPOOK-tacular Halloween outfit, then you’re in the right place because these styles are a GHOUL’S best friend. I will apologize for all of the Halloween puns in advance, I know they’re super {candy} CORNY. As promised, here are the perfect Haunted Hairdos that are WICKED awesome.

Space Alien Buns

Stars, fun colors, and so much glitter and sparkles… who wouldn’t want to dress up as an alien for Halloween? Get out your galaxy gear and get ready to learn how to style the perfect space buns! All you will need for this hairdo is temporary spray hair color (any color), hairspray, 2 Ballerina Buns by Revlon, and a whole lot of glitter. Start by parting your hair evenly down the middle and sectioning it off into two parts. Pull up one side into a small bun, it doesn’t have to be perfect...that’s what our bun pieces are for. Repeat this on the other side. Then wrap the bun pieces around of your buns, and now it’s time to get out the fun stuff. Use the colored hair spray all over your hair, then use regular hairspray and spray a line down the middle of your part. Use some of the glitter and lightly pat it down your part, then hairspray back over it. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of sparkle pazazz in your hair!

60’s Throwback Hairdo

This hairstyle may appear to be a little more complicated, but our bun wrap hairpieces actually make it easy as can be. You can add your own personal flare to this style by choosing a hair scarf with a fun pattern and color. Pull your hair up into a teased bun, leaving a large part of your hair in the front out of the bun. Use one of our bun pieces, such as the Elegance by easihair, to create the perfect bun updo with minimal effort. Put in your hair scarf and tie it up into a knot, and lastly it's time to tackle the front of your hair. Split this front piece into two sections and use either hot rollers or a barrel hot iron tool to give it the curl it needs. Roll up each curl and pin it up with a bobby pin, then spray with a little hairspray to keep it into place. 

Long Vampire Hair

We’re going for the classic Vampire look for this Haunted Hairdo. Every vampire I’ve seen always seems to have gorgeous extremely long hair. Don’t have long enough hair? No worries, you can simply use some of our clip-in extensions to achieve this long look! Part your hair down the middle and then strategically place the extensions to give the added length. For an extra little touch, add some of our Clip In Color Strips by hairdo in the dark red Amethyst color to make this look even more FANGtastic.

Teased Rockstar Style

This style is pretty easy, and doesn’t require too much skill… but it does require a lot of teasing! To achieve this punk rock look, start by putting in some hair extensions to add extra volume and length. Then tease pieces of your part all over to one side and hairspray to keep it into place. Continue to lightly tease down your hair to create the perfect messy rockstar look. This style will surely ROCK this Halloween.

Mermaid Hair

It’s pretty much every girls dream to be a mermaid, so take advantage of this one day where it’s totally acceptable to be one! Start by adding in extensions, such as the 20" Human Hair Extensions Kit by hairdo on our website, to give yourself that long mermaid hair. Add in some of our Clip in Color Strips by Hairdo in blue, purple, and light purple, then use a curling iron and do some loose curls all over your hair. Lastly, take top half of your hair and twist both sides back into a half-up half-down hairstyle and you’ve got one SHELL of a hairstyle.

Try any of these hairstyles for an UnBOOlievable Halloween look. If you’ve got it, haunt it!