Headbands: hair hero or just a no?

September 09, 2017

Headband fans will tell you that this accessory is a lifesaver, but what do they really do? Headbands aren’t just good for keeping your hair out of your face, but they can also hide any signs of grease that start to appear at your roots. Since this is the first place that dirty hair begins to show, headbands are a hero when it comes to hiding that second day unwashed hair and keeping your style looking fresh and new.

Headbands can also double as a fashion statement and allow you to express your individual personality through sporting different colors and styles of headbands! There are so many unique headbands out there, one of our new favorite styles is tying a bandana up around your hair to resemble a headband.


Also, if you want a subtle headband that matches your hair color, try one of our braided hair headbands! They give you the perks of a headband while creating a stunning hairstyle that can be worn during the day and even into the night! So when it comes to headbands: hair hero or just a no… we say they are the Superman of hair accessories!