Hollywood Hair is Everywhere! And The Secret Is...

April 11, 2017

Celebrities have lots of advantages in life us commoners don't have!  A daily trainer... chef making every meal... a make up artist to ensure the look is flawless... and perfect hair... WAIT!  We can have the perfect hair just like them!  Extensions, headbands, and clip in hair pieces are the secret.  Actually, its not such a secret... 😜

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Chic Pony -  The ponytail all over the magazine and has always been a go to style for all ages! From gym-bound babes to decked out fashionistas... the Pony adds a feminine twist to your style!

 (Wine by Ellen wille)

Braids braids braids -  Add glam to any style with a braid accent.  So many to choose from now as it's much easier to just pop a braided headband in or clip in braids that are flawless.  No need to become an expert braider.  Now you know the secrets of the celebs!

Long and stick straight... Cher Hair! - it's everywhere!  Great hair and a hot flat iron and you have one of hollywoods latests hairstyles.  Everyone has a flat iron...but the great hair isn't always as easy.   Hair extensions can change that!  We suggest human hair extensions for the perfect stick straight hair!

Relaxed... messy bun -  this one is a favorite for any occasion.  Great way to say "i don't try too hard and still... I'm totally chic!"  Best part about a bun is you have lots of options; updo, downdo, side bun, or half updo and half down. The bun will take your look up a notch!

So next time your flipping through the magazines and wondering, "What does she have that I don have?"  Remember... at least, you can have yourself some of that hair!