Hot Weather Hairstyles

August 30, 2017

Are you trying to beat the heat this summer? One thing that most women struggle with is long hair adding extra heat on those scorching hot summer days. When you still want to rock a stunning hairstyle but don’t want to sweat all day long, try these hot weather hairstyles that will keep you looking and feeling cool:

Upside down braided bun

Buns are the best and easiest way to get your hair off of your back, but sometimes they can be just plain boring. Try taking it up a notch with the upside down braided bun. Simply just flip your head over and french braid in reverse, from your nape up to where you want your bun to sit. Then, gather all of your into a ponytail and put a bun hairpiece around it and just like that you’ve got yourself a cute new bun style!

Bun with headband

Another way to spruce up a plain bun is to add a cute patterned headband. This is a really easy way to turn a boring bun into a fun bun! Pull up your hair into one of our many different bun pieces, and then add your own personal flare with any kind of headband.

Braid crown

This style may take a little longer, but it is definitely worth it! Part your hair very far to one side, either works, and begin an inverted french braid as close to the part as possible. An inverted french braid sounds harder than it is, simply just do a french braid but in reverse. Take thicker strands of hair to create a fuller braid crown, and once you make it around to the other side of your head you will have to reposition your hands to continue the braid in the right direction. Braid all the way to the very end of your hair until you don’t have any left, then use a few pins to pin this part under the other braid. Finally, pull parts of the braid out to create a big and elegantly messy boho crown.  

Curled updo

Outdoor weddings are very hot this summer… and I’m not just meaning how popular they are, they’re serious blazing hot. Just imagine you’re trying to smile for the bride and groom and show how happy you are for them, but all you can think about is your long curls sticking to the pool of sweat on the back of your neck. This sounds like a terrible nightmare! Try an elegant curled updo. Save yourself so much time and bobby pins by using one of our curled bun pieces! Tease the top of your hair and leave out some curls to frame your face, then pull the rest back into the hairpiece and you're ready to catch that flower bouquet!