How Do Celebrities Get Long Hair?

July 12, 2019

Something I have always wondered is how celebrities can alter their hair so quickly and flawlessly - especially actresses on the front page for whatever current project they are working on. The one person who I notice this the most often is Kim Kardashian West.

Kim Kardashian Hair Extensions

Every few days, it seems like she has some new look debuting on Instagram - with each looking more stunning than the last. How does she and other celebrities pull this off? Hair extensions! Yup, every star at some point in their career has used extensions to add volume or length to achieve a specific look or style. It's the best-kept secret in Hollywood, but it's something that any of us can take advantage of to accomplish the same.

So let's take a look at extensions and human hair extensions styles achieved by celebrities that have become iconic looks.

Ariana Grande - High Pony Hairpiece

Ariana Grande Ponytail Hairpiece

From the beginning of her career, Ariana Grande's image was ingrained in everyone's mind with her wearing vintage inspired outfits and that long, long ponytail on top of her head. She chose this look for a while, due to the harsh dying processes to her hair from her time on television. She decided to utilize extensions to allow her natural hair to heal and grow.

She achieved this by using a ponytail hairpiece extension she could wrap around and secure to her natural hair without damaging her natural hair. It is a seamless an excellent place to start for first-time extension users.

Gigi Hadid Hair Extensions

Gigi Hadid Hair Extensions

Gigi Hadid is a model known for her stunning beauty long, healthy hair. Having graced the cover of 35 Vogue magazine covers in only 4 years, she's taken the fashion world by storm. Her naturally voluminous and shiny hair is something we all dream of having, and luckily it's easy to get her style yourself. Her signature slicked toward the back and free-flowing locks are easy to achieve with some clip in hair extensions that match your natural color. Viola! 

The list of actresses and actors who use hair extensions either for a character in movies or TV, or in their day to day life is incredibly extensive. Extensions have long been a tool for people to use to craft new and exciting hairstyles for events or to add dimension to their long hair.

Fashion Hair Extensions

And now with stars speaking about how they achieve their looks - sometimes even live streaming the process with their stylist - now anyone can harness the power of extensions to elevate their hair to the next level.