How To Get Demi Lovato Hair

February 28, 2019

Those with long hair know that one of the biggest struggles is the urge to it all off chop and start fresh. But, of course, we’re fickle creatures, so as soon as we do, we miss the long hair we just had! It takes years to grow back long hair, and even when you do, it’s hard to achieve the thick, glossy mane that looks so glamorous on celebrities and models.

Demi Lovato Hair With Extensions

Some celebrities seem to be able to pull off both the short, choppy cut and the long, gorgeous look seamlessly. The queen of having the best of both worlds with her hair is obviously Demi Lovato. The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer is known for rocking a short, punk look and then appearing on the red carpet and in her music videos with sleek, luxurious long hair. Beauty gurus know that the secret to adding that kind of length, volume, and glamour is hair extensions.

Hair extensions are a wonderful way to get the length you want without the wait, and the modern woman knows that versatility is the best way to always keep your look feeling fresh and different. But like all things shiny and pretty, good extensions can run pretty high in price. You want to be able to find good-quality extensions but paying full-price in a salon isn’t always feasible or fun.

It’s always nice to be able to get good extensions that you can afford, and my favorite place to go to get good quality, amazing hair is extensions.com. There are tons of beautiful pieces that are stunning and look real so you can get the Demi hair you want, without needing to be Demi Lovato to afford it!

Clip In Extensions For Long Hair

Personally, I’m a huge fan of clip-in extensions, because it is so easy to style your hair however you want and clip in a few extensions to vamp up your look. A fun way to rock Demi Lovato’s signature style is to pick extensions that are either a few shades lighter than your own hair, or maybe a different color entirely, to really change up your look and give yourself a thirty second baliage. The best thing about extensions.com is that there is every kind of hair extension you might want. If you’re trying to achieve that perfect, glossy and thick Demi Lovato signature look, I love the twenty-two-inch extensions because they really help achieve that length and volume.

If you want a more dramatic look for a special occasion, you can style your hair super glossy and straight and then clip in straight extensions.

Product shown is 22" Fineline Straight Hair Extensions by Hairdo

Or, if you rock naturally curly hair, or you just love how you look in curls, you can give your hair some texture and then pop-in some pre-curled extensions to match. There are so many different ways to rock extensions, which is what makes them so fun and versatile. Just like Demi, you can use them to change up and revamp your short hair, or if your hair is already long, you can use them to add the extra bit of volume and glamour for your fun night out on the town!