How-to: Updos!

January 26, 2018

Updos are glamorous and perfect for special occasions like date nights and formal events, but they’re super difficult right? So WRONG. Updos can be extremely easy if you do them the right way, so that’s why we’re here! Try our easy updos with these simple steps to transform your style into something fashionable and fabulous:

Elegant Bun:

Who said buns have to be casual? This style is gracefully chic and can be dressed up for any of your fancy occasions. Start by teasing the top of your hair to boost volume, then use hairspray and a comb to slick your hair up into a high bun. Try to remove the small bumps while being careful to leave the tease you did earlier! Now comes the bun...hardest part right? Wrong again. With one of our glamorous buns, such as the Elegance Hair Bun by easihair, you can perfect this look in seconds with just a clip! The buns do all of the hard work for you, it's foolproof with these hair pieces! Lastly, pull a few strands of hair down to frame your face and curl them or put in a stylish headband to complete this elegant look! 

Twisted Updo:

This style would pair perfectly with your favorite little black dress, it’s definitely a show stopper! Start by parting your hair down the middle and then separate a large section of hair on each side of your head, closest to your face. Pin these strands up with a clip or elastic just to keep them out of the way, we’ll get back to those later! Tease the hair at the back crown of your head and then pull all of the hair into a low bun (excluding the sections clipped in the front). Save yourself time and effort by using  one of our bun pieces or hair wraps to achieve the perfect updo style in seconds. Some of our favorites are the Fun Bun by easihair and Style-a-Do by hairdo. After putting your favorite hairpiece in, take down the front strands that are tied up and curl them with a regular curling iron. Now let's tackle those front pieces we promised we'd get back to! Take strands starting furthest away from your face and twist the section back and pin them into the bun, then repeat this until you reach the front and do the same on the other side. Leave a few curls out to create a whimsical and elegant messy updo. It's that simple, and now you've got a style that looks stunningly difficult, but no one has to know how easy you achieved this...we won't tell!