Is Crimped Hair Coming Back?

May 09, 2018

Crimped hair had it’s height of popularity in the 80’s and a little into the 90’s. Some might be happy that the trend went out of style for the last two decades. Whether you love or hate it, we believe crimped hair is set for a comeback!



Crimping Iron


Crimping hair can be done in hair several different ways and used to create many different styles. For the easiest crimped look, using a crimping iron is a must have! Crimping irons typically come in a zigzag pattern, but for a larger wave look, you can use a three barrel crimper. Both of these are tried and true crimp styles. If you are looking for the hottest new trend then look no further than the zigzag curling iron.

Hair crimping is the exact opposite of relaxed beach waves. This hairstyle is meant to make a statement! Some options for trying out this fashionable statement this time around can be taken from the several famous ladies choosing to sport the style.


Crimped Hair


The queen B herself, Beyonce, has worn the look several times. Her favorite way is having it pulled back smooth around her face and frizzing out to make a statement. Or get in line with Emma Rossum who used crimping and braids to accent her updo look with only a few sections of crimped hair sweeping around a crown braid. If you are wanting the crimp look without putting the investment into a crimper, worry not. 

PRO TIP: The easiest way to get the kinks of crimps without a specific crimper is to braid your hair wet and let air dry. The smaller the braid... the tighter the crimps!

Another way to get your hair crimped involves using a straightening iron. Spray a section of hair with heat protectant. We like Jon Renau Heat Treat Thermal Spray. Using wide bobby pins, wrap a section of your hair around the bobby pin. Clamp a straightening iron over bobby pin and hold there for a few seconds!

For a more relaxed look, unwind hair immediately and pull on bottom of hair section to loose. For a tighter crimp, hold straightening iron over bobby pin. Leave bobby pin in hair until completely cooled. Small rubber bands at the bottom of the pins will help keep hair in place while it cools. Once cooled, unwind section of hair.

You can also use your straightening iron to crimp your hair in a loose look by rotating the iron back and forth to create alternating hard lines.

No matter how you want to go about crimping your hair, giving this reemerging trend a try won't leave you regretting your decision!

What are your thoughts on the return of this trend?